How to Get Clothes in Splatoon 3

Everyone likes to look good in their game of choice. Splatoon 3 provides you the opportunity to look good in-game by letting you change clothes and choose from a variety of outfits. It is full of fashion, sick weapons, and other fun stuff. You would want to look good and fresh when you enter the Splatfield and for that, you will need clothes and gear.

If you want to know all about Clothes in Splatoon 3 and how this mechanic works, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started.

How to get clothes in Splatoon 3

When you rank up a particular object in Splatoon 3, between 1 and 3 new spots would load up with Ability Chunks. Clothes come with certain powers in the game. These abilities can help you a great deal to progress through the game and during the battles.

There are three categories of clothes in Splatoon 3. These categories are:

  • Headgear
  • Tops
  • Shoes

The skirts or pants your Avatar wears may be changed in the character customization section. The pants are always either grey or black with a focus on the ink shade you are using.

SplatNet 3

The Nintendo Online mobile app has a companion software called SplatNet 3. Using Annie, who also manages the SplatNet Gear Shop for Splatoon 2, you may order certain clothing, view combat statistics, and get wallpapers.

Therefore be on the lookout for it, as there will be 1 drop every day. The goods frequently have varying Abilities than what is displayed in clothes stores.


While you may order their attire but can never order any Amiibo-related attire.

Approaching anyone wearing a nice outfit will allow you to choose the product and use Murch to order it. Murch, who can be found on level 4, is the man who sits outside the lobby building. In addition to picking up purchases from SplatNet 3, he may clean your clothing or buff Ability Chunks.

Salmon run shifts

One of the ways to get clothes in Splatoon 3 is through Salmon Run Shifts. When doing your Salmon Run Shifts, you may treat your squids with armor if you choose to provide them with their outfits.

Your points will also be converted into reward boxes, some of which may include clothes, in addition to the cash. These clothes will already have Ability Chunks applied, and if you receive a double, you may reuse it for Ability Chunks.

Splatsville shops

There are three Clothing Stores where you can get clothes and gear in Splatoon 3. These Stores are:

  • Crush Station
  • Naut Couture
  • Man O’ Wardrobe.

Given that all 3 businesses are managed by new franchisee NPCs, we may infer that the remaining franchisees remained in each city to maintain their operations. Bear in mind that stores now provide a regular variety rather than a single extensive inventory.

Man O’ Wardrobe

The Man O’ Wardrobe has a black front and is located across the road from the Grizzco and the lobby. You may find practically anything here, including all kinds of tops like coats, tanks, and t-shirts.

Crush Station

The Man O’ Wardrobe is directly adjacent to Crush Station. Mr. Coco, a huge coconut crab, is in charge of it. He has quite an extensive range of footwear available, many of which have useful features like Stealth Jump.

Naut Couture

It is slightly difficult to discover Naut Couture, a boutique that sells headwear. You can get there by going up a set of iron stairways that are close to the previous 2 shops. One could never miss it given that there are hats there. This store sells accessories for hair, headbands, caps, and spectacles.

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