Splatoon 3 Best Special Weapons

Special Weapons in Splatoon 3 can be used to take out opponents easily. The only downside to them is that you can use them for a limited time. This guide will cover some of the best weapons in Splatoon 3 and how you can use them to easily wreck your opponents.

Best special weapons in Splatoon 3

You can use this weapon only when a special gauge of the player is filled. You are given a limited time to use the special weapon in Splatoon 3. The time to use a particular weapon will vary from weapon to weapon.

Even if you die while using a special weapon, you will revive with the remaining gauge. Doing a refill of a special weapon is noteworthy as well. You have to do a front flip to refill the ink tank of the special weapon in Splatoon 3.

Now let’s move to our best special weapons list in Splatoon 3.


Trizooka is a very lethal weapon that guarantees a kill in Splatoon 3. In one shot, it will expel three blobs of Ink that will pass through any player it hits, and on hitting the ground or surface, it will paint a small area.

You can take around three shots from this unique weapon before its timer end.

Triple Inkstrike

When using the Triple Inkstrike, you will throw and deploy a guidance device using the R key. It will create an ink tornado that will land on the specified spot and deal 250 damage.

You can create up to three ink tornadoes using the special weapon in Splatoon 3.

Tenta Missiles

It is a guided ink missile that you can fire at a particular target in Splatoon 3. Each missile will do 150 damage to the target it hits. If you are the target of this missile, we recommend you stay away from your teammates as it can damage them.

It gets even more dangerous in situations when multiple allies close to each other are targeted. While using it, we recommend you target multiple enemies standing close to each other so they take more damage. It hardly misses its target, which is why it is one of the best special weapons in Splatoon 3.


While using this unique weapon, you will transform into an ink-cloaked acrobat that will zip around the battlefield and damage the opponents. You can use the primary weapon to harm the opponent while moving quickly over them.

Stick to the wall by pressing the R; the best part is you will get back to the starting location when its timer ends. You don’t have to worry about the timer even if you are in the enemy’s zone.

Booyah Bomb

It will create an explosive ink ball and launch it toward the enemies to deal much damage. To build it, you will need Booyah power, which you can also receive from your teammates.

The teammates will be benefitted from this and have a boost in their unique gauge. On hitting the ground, the Booyah will form an expanding circular pattern.

Wave Breaker

Wave Breaker is another excellent special weapon that you can use for finding any hidden enemies and dealing damage to them as well. In this, you will use a gadget that deploys sonic waves. Once the wave hits any enemy, it will damage them and leave a mark on them.

The Wave Breaker deploys a total of three shockwaves before its timer ends. Still, you can enhance it using special power-ups. If you are under attack, you can avoid it by jumping over it.

Ink Storm

Using this weapon, you can generate ink rain clouds slowly moving back towards the spot you threw it from. It will damage the enemies and cause around 30 blasts before its timer end.

However, you will be given a big capsule to hold over your head to stay protected from its damage.


Reefslider is a floating weapon that is just like a shark. It flies with Ink, and you can charge it forward towards the enemies. Once it is close to them, press ZR to explode it. The explosion will deal significant damage to the enemies.

Crab Tank

Crab Tank is an excellent weapon that will deal a lot of damage to your opponents. You can press ZR together for rapid fires. While firing at a rapid rate, its fire rate will increase significantly.

While the timer to use this weapon is about to end, it will light red to give you an indication that it will be gone any time soon. You wouldn’t have to face any delay when this special weapon vanishes, and you can continue with your primary weapons.


Inkjet allows you to float in the air and fire projectiles on enemies. You can hit the B button to start floating in the air and fire on the enemies. You will leave an ink trail behind you that can splat other players.

In the air, you will get the option to get transformed into an octopus or a squid so the sniper can’t hit you. However, your mobility will be lowered once shooting with the Inkjet.

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