Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, we will be covering Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which is the 14th main mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Welcome to our main story walkthrough of Spider-Man Miles Morales. In this walkthrough, we will be covering Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which is the 14th main mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

The mission takes place in the Financial District and beating it nets you a chunky 6000 XP so let’s get into it!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The tinkerer is mad at our character about us lying to them and we promise to meet them face to face.

This conversation takes place on a call before we jump off towards the decided meeting point, the Trinity Church, to discuss a way to stop Roxxon.

But unbeknownst to them, there is someone else who is aware of this meeting.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
You get attacked here. Make use of your new ability, the Mega Venom Blast. This ability costs three full venom bars but sends everything flying.

Follow Phin, and use the computer to find an exit. Since the door ahead will be locked, use a vent to crawl through towards a small generator, and venom punch it into starting again.

You can either fight everyone at once in the main office room, or you can be sneaky and crawl along with the ceiling and web up those under you when no one is looking.

Here you have to clear the way for Phin so that they can cross over to the other side of the room.

After Phin gets to the first terminal, more guards appear and a fight is now almost necessary as all the guards need to be cleared for her to move to the next terminal in the far corner.

You can still use the sneaky approach of ebbing them to the ceiling for as long as you don’t get detected.

Hitting the Override
As Phin is busy trying to get the doors open for you, she requires you to trigger the override. For which you have to access a terminal in an adjacent room.

The office area here will be full of several monitors you can interact with to get some audio logs from Simon Krieger.

Also, you can find an Underground Cache to get a free Tech Part in this area.

Check out all the terminals to get some clues, hit the override and exit. Now a major cutscene will play, with some pretty big revelations.

Accessing the Control Room
You’ll now be making your way through an underground grate, towards the end of which you will find a generator; your task here is to disable it.

In the next room, you will have to find a way to restore power to get access to the Control room.

While Phin gets to an access panel, take a measure at the things in the room, the generator, an assembly line in, a moveable crane, and an engine.

Power the generator with a Venom Punch, causing the crane to move into the middle.

Go to the far side next to the engine, and move the crane over to Phin, who grabs it. Yank it back to the middle, and she’ll place the engine on the assembly line.

Now the laser will have shorted out. In order to power the laser, you need power from the generator to the red electrical rod.

Attach a web line from the generator to the top of the crane.

Pull the crane back to the far side once it is carrying a current, and then connect the line from the crane to the red note to power it up.

Power up the engine, then grab it with your webs and toss it at the blast shields to open a path to the control room.

In the next area, you will again have to clear the room while Phin tries to open an escape route.

Use stealth and high vantage point to get enemies.

Look out for enemies with blue visors; these can see you even if you are camouflaged. So, it would help if you target them first.

You can drop items on top of guards, held up by cranes. You can cause laser malfunctions and make them target the guards.

There are a lot of possibilities, and if you are careful enough, Phin will gain access without Roxxon even noticing, and you can slip through a vent above the far window after cleaning up.

Now we enter Krieger’s Lab.

The Boss
An old foe will reappear, along with Roxxon guards. Phin will handle the guards; you need to focus on the big boss.

The boss will be immune to your Venom Strikes and hence you will have to tear down their armor first to deal some actual damage.

The armor comes off by slamming the boss into stuff and stunning him.

A good move is to wait until he charges you and dodge at the right moment, get behind him and make him crash into an APC vehicle or some other hard material you find.

This will also stun him. Use this moment to launch a barrage of attacks and use your special takedowns for extra damage. Don’t use your Venom blows just yet though.

When he recovers, be patient and wait for him to charge you again.

Watch out for his heavy stomping and even him picking up and throwing large rubble chunks at you.

Once you get the whole armor off, you will enrage the boss enough that he will even start throwing APC vehicles at you.

But like in the crane and engine room, you can supercharge engines and throw them back at his face.

Be wary as now the stomp attacks will send three shockwaves rippling through the ground.

Once you break off his Roxxon upgrades by throwing those supercharged engines at him, now is the time to utilize that huge amount of venom stored up and deal some damage.

Use venom burst to stun Rhino, the Boss. Now use this opportunity and go wild on him and wreck him.

Keep up the pressure and soon, the boss will fall. However, this ends the mission but not the fight as a cut scene plays and things don’t go to plan.

As always, you can now relax in Miles’s apartment before you begin Thicker Than Blood.

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