Spider-Man: Miles Morales Prowler Boss Guide

In this Spider-Man Miles Morales- Prowler Boss guide, we will take a look at the complete boss fight of Miles Morales and the Prowler.

In this Spider-Man Miles Morales Prowler Boss guide, we will take a look at the complete boss fight of Miles Morales and the Prowler.

We will discuss how you would be able to defeat Prowler easily in Spider-Man Miles Morales. It is not a big challenge to take him out, but people can get stuck, so we are here to help you out.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Prowler Boss

If you have been playing Spider-Man Miles Morales, you would be aware of the arguments between the Prowler and Miles.

This fight can seem difficult at first because Uncle Aaron does not spare any moves, but once you know his attacks, it can be as easy as making scrambled eggs.

We are all aware of the cloaking tech of the Prowler, which he uses to go invisible. He will use that a lot.

Don’t get tricked and attack him when he is not visible. Instead, wait for him to become visible again.

You can use your web-shooter to hold him down in one place and then attack him.

It can be hard to keep track of him, but this is where your spider-sense comes into play. You can take out the cloaking tech by using venom attacks.

This will short them out and make it easier for you to defeat him.

The Second Phase
Like most boss fights, this one also has phases. It will not be much different than phase 1.

However, there will be a bit more of Prowler’s gadget action added to the mix. He will use his bombs on you now.

Dodge the bombs as much as possible and then wait for the chance to strike him with a venom attack.

This would be pretty much it for the second phase.

The Third Phase
Now the Prowler has gotten angry. He is now making holograms of himself and it is not easy to find the real one.

To get a lot of them in a single strike, use the Venom Slash by pressing L1+Squae+X.

Try using ranged attacks to take the holograms out because they will take the chance of swarming you if you get too close.

If you can deal just enough damage, Prowler will be defeated.

That is it for this fight.


Here are some tips for the fight with the Prowler:

  • Don’t get too close to him when he is attacking.
  • Dodge Instead of blocking.
  • Don’t attack when he is not visible because he can counter.
  • Use Venom attack as much as you can.
  • Use your web-shooters to hold him down and attack him.

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