Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations Guide

In our Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations guide, we will help you find all eight of the postcards and unlock the Memory Lane trophy.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations

After completing Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales campaign, you are then tasked by your mother to find 8 postcards scattered across New York City.

This is a birthday gift from your Mom that has some personal messages written on the cards from your father.

This is a Scavenger Hunt where you will be given clues to find the next postcard.

Some of these postcards are quite hard to find as they are placed behind something or on top of a building.

Postcard #1 (Miles’ House)
Your hunt starts off when you go back to your apartment after completing the campaign. You will find the postcard after waking up from your sleep.

This postcard contains the clue to find the next postcard.

Postcard #2 (Upper West Side)
“Happy Birthday Miles! Ready for the best scavenger hunt ever? Here is the first clue: facing the park, with the world on our shoulders, we guard the next clue.”

The postcard can be found at the marked location above.

You will have to find a statue of four men holding a spherical metal frame on their backs. The postcard is placed right beside the statue.

Postcard #3 (Midtown)
“High atop the Empire State, You’ll find a pair of blind eyes.”

The postcard is found on top of the Empire State building.

Climb right to the top where you’ll find a bunch of tourists and the postcard near the binoculars.

Postcard #4 (Greenwich)
“Find the fossil hidden among the modern. Don’t forget to look up!”

Head to the location marked on the map and jump to the balcony of the Modern Art Museum. The postcard will be placed on top of the fossil.

Postcard #5 (Financial District)
“Where money is king, you’ll find great tunes, hanging among the lights.”

Right at the entrance of the C.O.D.B.s Nightclub, jump on the lamp at the top right of the door. The postcard is on top of the speakers.

Postcard #6 (Chinatown)
“Nestled beneath Stuyvesant lives a monster of a good meal.”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations

When in front of the Lobster Bill’s restaurant found at the marked location, jump on top of the giant lobster statue. You will find your sixth postcard there.

Postcard #7 (Upper East Side)
“No letter enters this artsy castle without stopping at the gate.”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations

The marker will take you to the front of The Artspace, where the postcard is attached to the red mailbox near the entrance.

Postcard #8 (Harlem)
“Beneath the hoop where you learned to fly, your journey comes to an end.”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations

Head to the C.J. Walker Park and the postcard is attached to the basketball poll.

When you collect the final postcard, a cutscene will play and the Memory Lane trophy will unlock.

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