Sony Patent Wants To Help Streamers Increase Their “Comments, Likes, Shares”

Sony Interactive Entertainment looks to help out streamers increase their overall viewership numbers by providing valuable feedback.

According to a new patent published earlier today, Sony understands that sharing gameplay replays or clips on social media platforms has been greatly trending. The same interest has rolled in the habit of streaming games which many streamers have taken up as a profession. However, establishing an impressive level of online engagement with viewers is not easy. The player in question has to be either really good in terms of skill or entertainment.

Sony believes that it has a way to help out streamers increase their spectatorship, or even average players looking to just increase the number of “comments, like, shares” they receive on every published gameplay footage.

The patented method by Sony highlights a system which analyzes gameplay and spectator data from previously shared gaming sessions or streams. The analysis confirms what needs to be bettered or changed to generate more viewers and garner an increased social media response before providing recommendations to the player for future gaming sessions or streams.

…correlating the spectator preference to the gameplay condition is configured to identify a player activity that increases or maximizes a number of spectators during the gameplay conditions, and wherein the in-game recommendation is configured to recommend to current sessions, then presenting the in-game recommendations to a player of the current sessions of the game.

For example, a player streaming Red Dead Online may receive an in-game recommendation of using a particular weapon or playing a particular mode or map more often since those aspects have seen higher number of viewers in the past. Sony may even recommend changing gameplay settings such as opting for 60 frames per second or 4K resolution for the sake of viewership.

Something to note however is that such a patented system will be using cloud servers and Sony may possibly want all such streamers and gameplay data to be present on the same servers for the system to analyze.

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