Sony Santa Monica’s New Game isn’t God of War 4, It’s Bound

Sony Santa Monica has revealed more about their current project and you’ll be disappointed to know that it isn’t God of War 4. However, it looks intriguing enough.

Sony Santa Monica is working on a game called Bound:

It is the same game they teased a recently.

The game is under development for PlayStation 4 and according to Game Director, Michal Staniszewski from Plastic Studios:

Bound is a 3D platformer designed for people with the desire to concentrate on the narrative side of games and experience a mature story. On the other side of the spectrum, Bound is also being prepared for hardcore gamers looking for the challenge of one big puzzle that can be only solved by a community of players working together.

Bound (1)

Here is your first look at Bound:

The game will run at 60Fps and 1080p on PlayStation 4, according to Plastic Studios. The lead character is a female, who’ll use dance moves to navigate the map and clear obstacles.

Bound is being worked on by Plastic in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, so what does this mean for God of War 4? Well, the primary team at the studio is likely working on the next Kratos game, so there is nothing to worry about. PlayStation Experience is just around the corner, where hopefully Kratos will finally have his day.

Previously, Sony Santa Monica has teased God of War 4 via a video for Kratos figurine, so hope are high. You can check out our predictions for PlayStation Experience.

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