Sony Justifies Its E3 2018 Conference, Lack Of New 1st Party Announcements Is A “Consequence” Of Revealing Games Too Early

At E3 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment was criticized for being more of the same and now the company has justified its E3 2018 press conference.

Sony has been ahead of its competition this generation of consoles partly due to its commitment towards first-party titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War and more. However, at E3 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment was criticized for being more of the same and now the company has come forward and justified its E3 2018 press conference.

Speaking with the Guardian, CEO of Sony Europe, Simon Rutter, explained that the reception or Sony’s E3 2018 press conference was mixed.

He added that Sony Interactive Entertainment tried to inject some drama into the press conference along with trying to evoke the spirit of the games that were being showcased.

The reception I think has been mixed. There was also some appreciation of what we were trying to do with the construction of the event, with some criticism as to how that actually flowed, the pacing and the logistics. For the last three years, we’ve been trying to inject a bit of drama and theatrics into the proceedings, to make it more than a simple presentation. We tried to evoke the spirit of the games.

On the lack of any new first-party titles at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference, Rutter admitted that there was a clear lack of any new first-party announcements for the PlayStation 4.

However, he explained that the reason for lack of new first-title announcements is a “consequence” of announcing games way early in their development.

He added that reason, why these games were announced so early, is the fear of games being leaked online ahead of their official announcements which is true as many games like God Of War PS4 was leaked ahead of its announcement in 2016.

Some of the coverage this year has been a bit critical of the lack of new stuff, probably a consequence of people announcing things when they are early in production. Some of that is to do with the fear of leaks, of not being able to present the title in the way that the creator wants it to be presented. But the desire [for new announcements] is met with the reality of the production timescale: how long it actually takes you to release a game.

While Sony didn’t reveal any new first-party title at E3 2018 but, that doesn’t mean Sony has no first-party titles in development at Sony Bend is currently working on a new title. Sony Bend is also working on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone.

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Source: The Guardian

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