Sony Spent $329 Million On Exclusive Third-Party PS5 Games For 2021

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been securing third-party publishing deals for PlayStation 5 since before the console was launched. While this business model was already reported last year, it has now come to light just how much Sony has been spending for exclusive PS5 content.

According to a new quarterly securities report (via PSU) from earlier today, Sony has set aside $329 million as of December 31, 2020, to be be paid out over the next seven years on exclusive publishing agreements and partnerships for PS5.

These said publishing deals only cover games from third-party developers who are not owned by Sony but have agreed to exclusively develop for PlayStation 5. The $329 million sum will hence be split between games such as the Demon’s Souls remake, Returnal, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Other games like Final Fantasy 16 and Deathloop, which are releasing first on PS5 and are also third-party, will not be receiving a share of the $329 million pool. Just how much Sony has committed to the task of securing timed-exclusives on PS5 remains to be confirmed.

It should be noted that while Sony will be paying out $329 million from here on, the console manufacturer will likely proceed to secure additional exclusive publishing agreements and partnerships for PS5 in 2021 and beyond. There are hence not only first-party but also third-party exclusives in the pipelines.

With Microsoft on a buying spree to add new developers to its Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment has seemingly opted to just license third-party developers for exclusive content. That however does not mean Sony has completely shut out possible acquisitions for its PlayStation Studios.

PlayStation 5 and its all-digital edition are now available for purchase worldwide, albeit in limited quantities. Sony hopes to address supply shortages by the end of the year, which kind of also depends on scalpers giving consumers a break.

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