How To Fix Lost Progress Error In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest gameplay progresses with time and you cannot afford Sons of the Forest lost progress error at any point in the game...

Sons Of The Forest gameplay progresses with time. You start from the beginning to build the entire game world, which transitions by building your camps and assembling tools and weapons. Therefore, you cannot afford Sons of the Forest lost progress error at any point in the game. Unfortunately, many players have reported losing their progress due to a bug.

Players are reporting a “Progress Not Saving” issue in the new update of Sons of the Forest. They cannot start from the same checkpoint when they save their game data.

Sons of the Forest lost progress error fix

Besides this issue, many players have reported problems such as crashing, loading errors, etc. But this issue, Sons of the Forest Progress Not Saving, is the most complicated.

You can try some fixes in Sons of the Forest to prevent the Lost Progress error. We will cover all of them for you so you can try them out.

Delete corrupted files

You can fix this bug by finding the game’s save location on your PC. To locate it, go to your search screen and type “Run” once open, you need to type “%localappdata%low/Endnight/SonsOfTheForest/Saves” and press “Enter.” You’ll get into a new window from where you need to open the Id folder and save the game files.

You have to manually delete the corrupted files from here. Alternatively, you can check the integrity of game files through the steam app. If still the problem is not fixed, there are some more ways you can try to fix the Sons of the Forest not saving error:

Run as an Administrator

To Run the game as an administrator, you must open the Steam app. After that, visit the Library in the steam app. Locate your game and right-click on it, select the option to manage, and then Browse the local files of the game.

Click on the “SonsOfTheForest.exe” and open its Properties. Now you have to enter the Compatibility tab, where you will find the option to “Run as an Administrator.” Just click apply and Ok and run the game as administrator.

Reinstall the game

To Uninstall the game, go to steam, right-click the game file “Sons of the Forest,” and then press the Uninstall option. You can reinstall the game; hopefully, this will solve the issue.

Reasons behind lost progress error

While performing some actions during the game, if you lose the progress of your gameplay, there may be some reasons behind it, some of which are listed below:

Antivirus/Firewall: Most of the time, you might be getting this error because of the antivirus or firewall. Sometimes your antivirus cannot detect whether the file you are saving is virus-free and corrupts it.

Corrupted/Missing game files: It might be because you unintentionally deleted some game files, or files get corrupted because of an error on your end or the server.

Bug: The most common reason for this problem is a bug in the new update.

If you encounter a “Progress not saved” error, you first need to ensure that there’s no problem with the disk on your PC. Secondly, you need to disable any antivirus/firewall.

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