How To Heal In Sons Of The Forest

There are various ways to heal in Sons of the Forest and you need to know all of them. This is because resources are scarce on the island.

There are various ways to heal in Sons of the Forest and you will need to know all of them. This is because resources are scarce on the island and your health will continue to drop for several reasons. You should be ready to restore your health at any point to escape death.

In addition to taking damage from the cannibals and mutants on the island, you also lose health by eating the wrong food or jumping from a high point in the game. Furthermore, starvation and thirst are factors that require you to heal up as well.

How to restore your health in Sons of the Forest

It is important to note beforehand that you need to tap your button to collect health items in Sons of the Forest. Holding your button will consume the item instead and waste a health resource for no reason.


Sons of the Forest meds are the best way to heal so far. To get your hands on the medicine bottle, you need to look for Crates and Suitcases around the island, but you will find the most luck around the spawning area.

A more easy way to get Meds in Sons of The Forest is by looting the Skin Pouches from the Mutants. As the island is overflowing with these crazy mutants therefore your chances are very high.

For the medicines to heal your health, you need to equip them. So, as soon as you get your hands on one, press “I” and click the medicine from the inventory.

Medicines are by far the quickest way to heal so you don’t need to wait much for your health bar to rise. In Sons of The Forest, medicines bottles will respawn so don’t need to worry about them running out.

Herbal Health Mix

For this, you need Aloe and Yarrow which can be found easily on the island. Head to the Inventory Mat and combine both these items to craft the Herbal Health mix.


They say you are just half a soldier with an empty stomach. The same could be said for Sons of The Forest healing as your health bar will drop and take damage if you are hungry or thirsty.

Talking of food, the island is filled with prey that you can catch for food like fish, birds, rabbits, or squirrels. There are several ways that you can utilize to prepare the meat like cooking it on fire or drying it in the air for later use.

Other than meat, the island also has plants that have berries, mushrooms, and MRE packs that you can munch on. Lastly, just consume whatever you have in your inventory and slowly wait for the health bar to rise.


Sleep is just as important to healing as to other things like foods and meds. Therefore, if you don’t have a good night’s sleep in Sons of The Forest, your health bar will suffer.

As you have just crashed on a deserted island, there is no real bed for you to sleep on. That said, the best way is to craft a tent, and once you are inside press “Z” to sleep.

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