SOCOM 4 Walkthrough

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough that will assist you to complete the game on any difficulty level.

SOCOM 4 is a squad-based tactical shooter. Players will be able to command their team, issuing squad commands, setting behaviors to complete different objectives.

Player will take the role of the Ops Commander, and will be able to use the Command Mode which allows to see points of tactical interest to analyze the battlefield and send the members of the team to do the bidding.

Players will receive intel on the battlefield and will be able call in air strikes for the first time in the game. The “SOCOM” 4 single-player campaign is built around 14 missions.

Our focus in this guide will be to assist you in completing the single-player story of the game and provide you an overview of the multiplayer with tips.

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #1 – First Strike

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #2 – Rendezvous

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #3 – White Tiger

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #4 – Leviathan

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #5 – Benefaction

SOCOM 4 Walkthrough – Mission #6 – Fluid Dynamics

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