Sniper Elite 5 Find Marcel Guide

The Atlantic Wall is the first main story mission of Sniper Elite 5. In this mission, one of your objectives will be to find Marcel and recover a key from him which can then be used to obtain Resistance Intel. In this guide, we will explain how and where to find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5.

How To Find Marcel In Sniper Elite 5

Marcel will be in a resistance safe house which is located in the southwest corner of the mission area. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location of Marcel’s safe house.

Head to the following area to find the yellow brick house. From the front of the house’s main entry, go left to find some vines going from the ground all the way to an open window. Use the vines to climb into the house.

Inside the room, you can find Marcel’s corpse near a table on the ground. Loot his body to obtain the key along with other items.

How To Recover Resistance Intel

Once you have the key, use the doorway to get to a small room having some boards. Discard these boards to open up a hole in the ground. Jump down through this hole to reach a bathroom. Next, slowly exit the bathroom and head left, and enter the first room.

This is the room having the safe which contains the Resistance intel. Use the key to open the safe and recover the intel. Once you have the intel, exit the premises of the safe house to complete the mission objective.

Missing Marcel’s Key Issue

Some players are facing an issue where looting Marcel’s corpse does not give them the key required to open the safe and recover the intel. Moreover, sometimes Marcel’s body will have no loot on his corpse as well.

Sadly, the only currently known fix for this is to restart from the last saved checkpoint. This will make you lose all current progress of this objective and you will have to repeat all the steps above to obtain the key to complete this objective.

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