Sniper Elite 3 Optional Objectives Guide

One of the most criticized aspect of Sniper Elite 3 is its game length. With only 8 missions to go, the game can be completed in mere 4-5 hours speedrun. However, to me, that’s not the way, the game is meant to be played!

Although the game has only 8 missions, each of these missions encourages players to complete to complete 2-3 Optional Objectives.

Sniper Elite 3 Optional Objectives

There are a total of 18 Optional Objectives in the game which are required to attain 100% game completion status and earn Dedicated Soldier and Nothing is Optional Achievement/Trophy.

These Optional Objectives aren’t hard to complete, but may urge you to come out of your playstyle and make amendments to how you would normally tackle a situation. Mostly, these objectives include disrupting reinforcement calls, taking out a specific target, or destroying AA guns.

Almost half of these Optional Objectives are marked on the game’s screen (in the form of a compass needle) and on the mini-map. However, there will be some objectives which will not be marked.

For example, during Mission #5, your target will not be visible on your screen/map and you must find him to complete the Optional Objective.

After an Optional Objective is completed, your game will autosave your progress and you’ll be free to return to Main Menu.

Another notable thing is that some of the Optional Objective must be completed before completing the Main Mission lest you’ll fail them.

Check out the video above to know how to complete each objective, the game throws at you!

For your convenience, I’ve listed down a brief outline of each Optional Objective along with its precise timeline:

Mission #1 – Siege of Tobruk
Get 8 kills only using Stealth Takedowns – 00:05

Mission #2 – Gaberoun

  • Eliminate the officer from the Sniper’s Nest – 02:17
  • Disable the searchlight – 03:06
  • Destroy the motor pool – 03:29

Mission #3 – Halfaya Pass

  • Kill General Hoesslein – 04:21
  • Sabotage the motor pool – 05:51
  • Disrupt communication – 06:36

Mission #4 – Fort Rifugio

  • Disable the searchlight towers – 07:10
  • Assassinate the officer as he drives past the fort – 07:36

Mission #5 – Siwa Oasis

  • Destroy Flakvierling AA Guns – 08:59
  • Investigate German supply caches – 10:38
  • Make officer’s death look like an accident – 12:08

Mission #6 – Kasserine Pass
Take out the Nebelwerfers – 14:13

Mission #7 – Airfield

  • Kill the radio operator to stop reinforcements – 15:05
  • Destroy the Bomb Dump – 15:33
  • Kill all operators in the control tower – 16:11
  • Release the prisoners – 16:41

Mission #8 – Ratte Factory
Collect German advanced weapon weapon plans – 17:53

Thanks: PowerPyx.

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