SNES Classic Hacking Has Made The Console Able To Play More Games

The SNES Classic is one of the more notable recent releases in the world of video gaming, and despite it having 30 different games available on it from launch, some people aren’t satisfied with it. An SNES Classic hacking has been perpetrated to allow the console to play more games.

When the SNES Classic was first announced, the list of games that would be available to play on it was fairly interesting, especially since a brand-new (in a sense) game, the never-released Star Fox 2, was also included in the list. Alongside games like Contra 3, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 3, F-Zero, and more, the SNES Classic hacking has given the console a number of other games to play.

This is all possible through Hack-Chi, the same sort of hacking software that was responsible for hacking the NES Classic, and it’s proven capable of adding over 200 more games to the SNES Classic with the proper hacking. However, there’s a huge risk that you run if you decide to run Hack-Chi. You run the risk of bricking your console completely, meaning you’ve made it so you can’t turn it back on or use it.

While Nintendo has said that there won’t be as much of a problem getting a new console as there was with the NES Classic, it’s still a risk that might not be worth taking. There’s also the fact that in order to get those new games on your SNES Classic you’ll have to obtain illegal ROMs for each game you want to put on, meaning you’ll also be putting yourself at risk.

So, while we don’t necessarily recommend that you do some SNES Classic hacking of your own, if you don’t think 30 games are enough you can try and do it on your own time, if you’re fortunate enough to have a