Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Slime Locations

While you’re exploring for resources in Slime Rancher 2, you’re bound to have run into a Gordo Slime. Gordos are huge slimes that can’t move.  In this guide, we will give you every location where a Gordo can be found along with its position on the map.

If you have played the first Slime Rancher you may be familiar with Gordo Slimes however in case you haven’t, basically, once you feed them enough, they pop and after popping they reveal a hidden passage or treasure. Gordo feeding takes a long time, they typically need thirty plus of any one type of food before blowing up.

There are three primary areas in Slime Rancher 2 besides the Conservatory: Starlight Strand, Rainbow Fields, and finally the Ember Valley. Each of these locations has a set of Gordos to discover.

Here are the locations of each Gordo Slime in Slime Rancher 2:

Rainbow Fields Gordo Slime Locations

rainbow fields gordo

Pink Gordo

Location: As shown on the map the Pink Gordo is located on the western side of the map around a hill you must circle around.

Cotton Gordo

Location: This cute little yellow Cotton Gordo is located south-east of the Fabricator port; you will find him after walking up the hill on the location shown on the map

Phosphor Gordo

Location: Once you leave the conservatory using the south exit, make your way to the beach with the docked boat. Look for a cave and you will find the Phosphor Gordo blocking the entrance.

Starlight Strand Gordo Slimes

Starlight Strand Gordos

Hunter Gordo

Location: Explore the Starlight Strand till you find yourself in a massive area with a locked door facing you. Follow the hill path to the left and then go down that hill. Keep to the path and you will eventually find the Hunter Gordo.

Honey Gordo

Location: Go south of the portal you entered the area with till you’re face to face with a large waterfall. The Honey Gordo is seen on a ledge near the waterfall.

Angler Gordo

Location: The Angler Gordo is found on the southeast of the map near a beach. Follow this beach to a cave, where this Gordo is located.

Flutter Gordo

Location: Towards the south, the Flutter Gordo is located near a cracked door.

Ringtail Gordo

Location: Head east from where you found the Flutter Gordo. You’ll find a bridge with the Ringtail Gordo blocking it, but it can only be fed at night.

Ember Valley Gordo Slime Locations

Ember Valley Gordo Slimes

Boom Gordo

Location: Make your way deep into the volcano to find the Boom Gordo.

Batty Gordo

Location: Since the Batty Gordo is based on a bat, it’s found in the lowest cave system towards the west.

Crystal Gordo

Location: The Crystal Gordo is located in the North. Look for a deep ravine where you will see this Gordo at the bottom.

Tabby Gordo

Location: The Tabby Gordo is found at the northernmost position, farther north than the Crystal Gordo. You will see him on a pillar out in the sea.

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