Best War Axes in Skyrim

We have prepared this guide so you can know about the best War Axes in Skyrim, their IDs, stats and how to get them.

War Axes are one of the many types of weapons that you can find in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has two variants, and if you go with the One-Handed Axe, you will get more speed and decent damage.

While on the other hand, the Two-Handed Axe will lower your speed, but you can deal much damage with it. You can use it to block enemies’ attacks, but a shield is best.

We have prepared this guide so you can know about the best War Axes in Skyrim and how to get them.

Ranking the best War Axes in Skyrim

War Axes are good damage-dealing weapons that suit almost all playstyles. Whether you want to deal with enemies one by one or many at a time, you can count on this weapon.

One-Handed Axes offer you great speed and damage, so they will serve the purpose irrespective of the build you are playing with.

We usually categorize them based on base damage and weight since both play an essential role in an encounter. Here are our picks for some of the best War Axes in Skyrim:

1. Dragonbone War Axe

  • Item ID: 02014FCF
  • Perk: Dragon Armor
  • Upgrade Material: Dragon Bone

It is Skyrim’s highest damage dealing war axe and the heaviest one. You can get it by taking out a Keeper in Soul Cairn. You can also craft it once you reach the Smithing level 100.

2. Ebony War Axe

  • Item ID: 000139AB
  • Perk: Ebony Smithing
  • Upgrade Material: Ebony Ingot

After reaching level 36, this weapon will start to appear throughout Skyrim. You can find it inside some chests or buy it from different Blacksmiths and Goods Merchants.

You can also get it by taking out enemies like Draugr. Its base damage is 15, which consider being great based on its weight. You can even craft it after reaching the Smithing level 80.

It is an excellent weapon for dealing a lot of damage to the opponents, which makes it the best fit for melee encounters.

3. Daedric War Axe

  • Item ID: 000139B3
  • Perk: Daedric Smithing
  • Upgrade Material: Ebony Ingot

It is another excellent high-damage dealing war axe you can find in many places like the chest, Blacksmiths, and good merchants after reaching level 46.

It did the same damage as the other two weapons, but its weight is slightly more than the Ebony War Axe, which lowers its speed. Still, it is an excellent choice for one on one battles.

After reaching the Smithing level of 90, you can craft it using the Daedric Smithing perk.

4. Stalhrim War Axe

  • Item ID: XX01CDB9
  • Perk: Ebony Smithing
  • Upgrade Material: Stalhrim

This weapon has a fantastic damage-to-weight ratio, making it a great weapon to use, especially in war situations. You can buy this weapon from the Baldor Iron-Shaper in Skaal Village.

The Glover Mallory also sells it in Raven Rock, so that you can buy it during your visit to Raven Rock. You must complete the A New Source of Stalhrim quest to craft this weapon.

After that, you will need smithing level 80 or above and Ebony Smithing perks to create this weapon at the Blacksmith Forge.

5. Glass War Axe

  • Item ID: 000139A3
  • Perk: Glass Smithing
  • Upgrade Material: Refined Malachite

It is another high-damage dealing weapon, but it doesn’t look like one. You can find its unenchanted version after level 27. Its fixed location includes Northwatch Keep, where you will find it on a rack.

It is inside the room where Thorald Gray-Mane was kept in the Missing in Action quest. You can also find it inside a locked display case in Morwen’s HouseDR.

As far as its smithing is concerned, you will need to reach level 70 or above to forge it at the Blacksmith Forge.

6. Honed Falmer War Axe

  • Item ID: 0006F700
  • Perk: N/A
  • Upgrade Material: N/A

It is a great-looking War Axe with a base damage of 13. It is a heavy armor wielded by different Falmers in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Falmer Gloomlurkers are the ones who use this War Axe the most. You can take them out to get your hands on this weapon.

You cannot forge this weapon, so it has no other requirements.

7. Nord Hero War Axe

  • Item ID: 00068C63
  • Perk: Steel
  • Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot

It is a tremendous One-handed lightweight axe that can deal a base damage of 13. You cannot find this axe in any place in Skyrim.

The only way to get it is to craft it at the Blacksmith Forge after completing the Companions questline. You will need the following items to craft this axe in Skyrim.

  • Ancient Nord War Axe x1
  • Steel Ingots x2
  • Leather Strips x2

Once you have it, you can easily upgrade it using the Steel Ingots at a grindstone. Steel Smithing perk will double the improvements done to it after the upgrade, so it is a weapon you can bet on in Skyrim.

8. Okin

  • Item ID: 0008FFDE
  • Perk: Steel
  • Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot

Okin is a lightweight War Axe that has a base damage of 12. It is excellent to take out average-level enemies in different types of encounters.

You can get this weapon during the Silenced Tongues quest in the ruins of Volunruud after taking out the Kvenel the Tongue.

It is an upgradable weapon, so you can enhance its attributes using the Steel Smithing Perk and Steel Ingots.

9. Skyforge Steel War Axe

  • Item ID: 0009F260
  • Perk: Steel
  • Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot

The only way to get this war axe in Skyrim is by buying it from the Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun. Once you have completed the Companions initiation, you can even get it free of cost just by asking.

It is not a craftable weapon in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But still, you can upgrade it using the Steel Ingots.

10. Elven War Axe

  • Item ID: 0001399B
  • Perk: Elven
  • Upgrade Material: Refined Moonstone

After reaching level 19, you can find it throughout the map of Skyrim. You can buy it from different merchants and take out enemies to get it as loot.

You can also head to the Thalmor Justiciars, which carry this axe. Other than that, a fixed location where you can find this weapon in Skyrim is the weapon plaque in Riften.

11. Nordic War Axe

  • Item ID: XX01CDB2
  • Perk: Advanced
  • Upgrade Material: Quicksilver Ingot

Nordic War Axe has a base damage of 12, which is better than many other weapons that you can find in Skyrim. Using the items below, you can only forge this axe at the Blacksmith Forge.

  • Steel Ingots x2
  • Leather Strip x2
  • Quicksilver Ingot x1

To upgrade this axe further, you can use the Quicksilver Ingot.

12. Dawnguard Rune Axe

  • Item ID: XX01668C
  • Perk: Steel
  • Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot

It is a unique war axe with a base damage of 11. You can get this weapon during the Dawnguard side quest called Lost Relic.

It offers you some unique enchantments that will increase the Sun Damage capabilities of this weapon. You can also upgrade it using the Steel Ingots, like most other axes.

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