Must Have Amazing Skyrim VR Mods That Make The Experience Better

Today we will be showing you some great mods for The Skyrim VR which will make the in-game sounds and in-game graphics more realistic than before.

Skyrim VR is amazing and if you recently got the game then you must be enjoying it a lot but we are here to make the experience better and last much longer with some amazing Skyrim VR mods which you can download right now and enjoy in the VR experience.

The Skyrim VR Unofficial Special Edition Patch

Before we jump into some cool mods you should install the special patch that brings various unofficial bug fixes which Bethesda never tried to fix and it has fixes for the VR too. So download this one below.

Download from here

Skyrim 2017 Textures

This Skyrim VR PC mod consists a collection of different mod files, each of which will address different areas of the game from landscape to buildings, mountain, bridges and many more. You have to try them all depending on your GPU, the better GPU you have the better graphics you will get and big visual improvements with this special mod.

Download from here


Skyrim VR definitely doesn’t have the best looking characters but don’t worry this mod is here to address that with this simple mod. So it is definitely a try if you are tired of boring dull faces in the game.

Download from here

Realistic Water Two

If you are into scenery and the beauty of the game like me, then this is for you because this mod enhances all the water throughout the entire game to make it look better. Now you can just stand looking at a lake or watch a waterfall in the VR with better and smooth experience. Also grab this LOD fix aswell.

Download from here

Vivid Weathers

Simply Cherry on top it will improve all the weather effects in the game and make the wilderness of the game standout.

Download from here

Reverb And Ambiance Overhaul

Sounds will bounce off the surfaces and echo will be more present throughout the game. This mod will make the whole experience of Skyrim VR realistic.

Download from here

Lanterns of Skyrim

If you think that the light resources are really low while exploring in the night when using VR this mod simply fixes that giving in more light.

Download from here

Amazing Followers Tweaks

This mod allows you to have multiple followers and customize them the way you want, change their outfits, spells and combat style. You can assign them to some place and upgrade their skills, they can even dance for you.

Download from here

Immersive Armors

This mod adds friendly armor to the game, which will be scattered throughout the map making it easy for you to find it naturally.

Download from here

Mihail Monsters and Animals

This one is amazing it will add a whole collection of mods that add all kinds of animals, creatures, and monsters in the game making the world of Skyrim more deadly.

Download from here

Let us know in the comments below which one of these Skyrim VR mods you will be trying from our list above.

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