How To Get Silver Armor In Skyrim

We have made a complete guide that includes where you can get Silver Armor and all its variants in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

After the release of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, players can now unlock and use Silver Armor in the game. The Silver Armor includes Silver Boots, Silver Gauntlets, Silver Crossbow, Silver Helmet, and Silver Greatsword. To use the Silver in Skyrim, you first need to find and obtain it in the game. Finding Silver Armor involves completing different quests. We have therefore made a complete guide that includes where you can get Silver Armor and all its variants in Skyrim.

Silver Armor location in Skyrim

There are two subtypes of Silver Armor that you can individually find named Silver Weapon and Silver Crossbow. You can buy the Silver Armor for 100 Credits from the Creation Club. The location of full Silver Armor, as well as Silver Weapon and Silver Crossbow, are below:

Full Silver Armor

For the Full Silver Armor, you must travel to the Whiterun region of Skyrim. There is a bannered mare pub directly at the center of the town. Upon entering the building, you must discover a note from M’Sharra’s diary found on top of a table.

After picking the note, you will start the quest “When the Cat’s Away”. To complete this quest, you must travel to the Dragon’s reach dungeon at the Dragon’s reach castle. After entering, you have to find M’Sharra’s confession at the corner of the dungeon.

Once you have read the M’Sharra’s confession, you will be given the M’Sharra’s keys. You will then receive a message on the screen saying to retrieve the armor from the hut. This hut is called Lund’s Hut and is located in the Roricstead region.

You can then fast-travel to the Lund’s Hut and use the M’Sharra’s keys to open the secret safe. This secret safe will contain Full Silver Armor from M’Sharra. There are several Skeevers in and out of the Lund’s Hut that you must fight to get inside.

Silver Sword

There is a region southeast of the Dawnstar called Driftshade Refuge. Inside this region, you will guarantee to find silver-blood warriors. These warriors can drop Silver Weapons when killed.

You can find two soldiers on top of the Driftshade Refuge that will drop Silver Sword. If you then enter the Driftshade Refuge, you find a room at the very north end a Silver Blood Warrior. Killing this Silver Blood Warrior will yield Silver Greatsword.

Silver Crossbow

To find Silver Crossbow, you must travel to the city of Solitude. Navigate to the town’s fletcher close to the blacksmith. At the fletcher shop, you will be able to find the Silver Crossbow that you can buy.

Silver armor stats

Pieces Armor Rating Gold
Silver Armor 40 42 400
Silver Boots 8 15 85
Silver Gauntlets 7 15 85
Silver Helmet 7 20 200
Silver Greatsword 12 12 160
Silver Crossbow 14 63 1200

Smithing requirement

You can craft the Silver Armor at the Blacksmith forge. Crafting the Silver Armor will require you to unlock the Smithing Line Skill in Skyrim. You will then need the following materials to craft Silver Armor given below:

  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Leather Strips

After crafting the Silver Armor, you can upgrade its level by using the Smithing Line perk. You will need a silver ingot in a workbench to execute the upgrade process.

Silver Armor Mod

SPOA Silver Knight Armor is the more stylish version of the Silver Armor. This mod also supports high resolution of up to 4K with heavy details. You can use this armor along with other Silver Armor pieces.

You can also upgrade this version with the Smithing Line perk same as the stock version. It also has both male and female versions.

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