How To Get Leather Armor in Skyrim

Leather Armor can be a good early option in Skyrim.

Leather Armor is amongst the easiest light armor in Skyrim to get your hands on. This armor set is craftable at an early level and requires leather and leather strips for its crafting. The stats on this armor set are considerable for a beginner in Skyrim, with its total armor rating of 52 and weight of 12. Since The Creation Club has alternative variants for different armor sets for Skyrim, Leather Armor also has alternatives, including The Scout Leather Armor.

Different ways to get Leather Armor in Skyrim

As mentioned above, crafting is one of the various ways to attain this armor set. The following table shows the crafting materials required to craft each piece of the Leather Armor set:

Armor PieceItem IDCrafting Materials
Leather Armor0003619ELeather = 4 Leather Strips = 3
Leather Boots00013920Leather = 2 Leather Strips = 2
Leather Bracers00013921Leather = 1 Leather Strips = 2
Leather Helmet00013922Leather = 2 Leather Strips = 1

It’s important to note here that while Leather armor can be upgraded, Smithing Skill doesn’t have any perk that can complement this armor.

Apart from crafting, the leather armor can also be bought from merchants and blacksmiths throughout the map. For instance, you can get it from Belethor in Whiterun. If you do not fancy spending money or crafting, you can also loot pieces of this armor set from Bandits around Skyrim. Pieces of this armor set can also be found in containers, as there are no character-level restrictions to get this armor set.

Leather armor may be considered a base-level armor set in Skyrim for its low stats, but its alternative armor- Scout Leather Armor, is probably the best base-level armor set in Skyrim. The Scout Leather Armor is an expansion release that players can acquire even at level 1. This light armor has stats equal to Elven Armor but has the downside of not having a shield. The crafting requirements are similar to Leather Armor. You can also get this armor by killing ‘Zaharia’ in the quest “Double-Edged.”

Vampire Armor (rating 40) and Hide Armor (rating 55) are armor sets in Skyrim that are considered alternatives to Leather Armor because they require almost the same amount of items for crafting. While this is true, Vampire and Hide armor are not to be confused as alternatives to Leather Armor. Both these armor sets offer fewer base stats than Leather Armor and are relatively easier to find; Hide Armor is worn by bandits all around Skyrim, and Vampire Armor can be seen being worn by Vampires.

Best Leather Armor Mods in Skyrim

Ever since Skyrim became a mod-friendly RPG, the Skyrim community did not hold back when adding mods to the game. With an estimate of +92,000 mods released, Skyrim is among the top modded games in the world. That being said, it is likely that every armor set in Skyrim has modded variants of them. We shall list down some of the Armor mods for Leather Armor below:

  • Nordic Leather Armor – A mod that turns the usual Leather Armor into a Nordic-style armor set with an increase in armor rating.
  • Padded Leather Armor – A layer of padding has been added to the Leather Armor for re-designing.
  • Black Leather Armor – A Black version of the Leather Armor that feels more like a stealth-based armor by looks.
  • Colovian Leather Armor – A craftable, lore-friendly Armor.
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