How to Get Golden Saint Armor in Skyrim

Golden Amor is a heavy armor set in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The armor has a lavish golden appearance, making it desirable for the player. Apart from the eye catchy appearance, the armor also has impressive stats. The following guide highlights how to get Golden Saint Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also talks about its stats and smithing requirements.

Golden Saint Armor location in Skyrim

The Golden Saint Armor 0007EB15 can be obtained from the Shivering Isles expansion pack in Elder Scrolls IV. This can be done by completing The Helpless Army main quest in the game. The quest requires the player to defend the Brellach or Pinnacle Rock from the Forces of Order. The player must protect these strongholds.

Golden Saint Helmet is obtained with the armor after completing the Helpless Army quest. However, the Golden Saint must be collected from a fallen golden Saint.



Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 24.0 825 63.0 0007EB15
Helm 0 4.0 150 6.0 0007EB1B
Shield 45 12.0 225 12.0 0004121C


Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 27.0 1375 73.5 0007EB16
Helm 0 4.5 250 7.0 0007EB1C
Shield 95 13.5 375 14.0 000414FC

 LEVEL 6-9

Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 30.0 1925 84.0 0007EB17
Helm 0 5.0 350 8.0 0007EB1D
Shield 210 15.0 525 16.0 000414FF

LEVEL 10-14

Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 33.0 2750 94.5 0007EB18
Helm 0 5.5 500 9.0 0007EB1E
Shield 460 16.5 750 18.0 00041502

LEVEL 15-19

Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 36.0 4125 110.25 0007EB19
Helm 0 6.0 750 10.5 0007EB1F
Shield 1000 18.0 1125 21.0 00041505


Armor Base Value Base Armor Health Weight  ID
Armor 0 45.0 5400 126.0 0007EB1A
Helm 0 7.5 1000 12.0 0007EB20
Shield 2500 22.5 1500 24.0 00041508

Smithing requirements

Golden Smithing requiring a Smithing level of 90 is a must to forge the Golden Saint Armor. You can learn Golden Smithing by reading Joften’s Notes and Daedric Smithing Perk is a requirement for this skill.

Golden Saint armor mods

Should players want a different aesthetic look to their Golden Saint Armors they can install different mods to do so. These mods are easy to install and provide unique appearances for the armor set and sometimes even newer gameplay mechanics.

The Golden Saints mod adds several gameplay and visual features to the game including the ability to summon Golden Saints to aid you in battle, allowing the crafting and tempering of Aureal weapons and armor sets, and unlocking Golden Saints as a playable race.

The mod has currently two download packages, Daedric Entity Restoration Project and RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard.

RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard is needed if you want to play as one of the Golden Saints while the Daedric Entity Restoration Project is needed to play as other Daedra.

D.E.R.P also has integrated the spell version of the mod within itself, so you only require this one file.

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