How to Get Fur Armor in Skyrim

Fur Armor is a light armor set in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that you can collect pretty quickly from the corpses of Bandits and Stormcloak Soldiers.

This armor set has different variations, which you can find throughout the map of Skyrim. We will try to cover all the details about the Fur armor set in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in this guide and how you can upgrade it.

Fur Armor location in Skyrim

Fur Armors are pretty easy to find though any merchants or blacksmiths do not sell them. Most of the bandits and guards in a cooler area are used to wearing this armor set because of the warmth it provides. To get it, all you have to do is take out that bandit or guard.

The Fur Armor comes in four variants; the bandits and guards wear all four. So you can take out different bandits and guards to find a variant you like. The four variants of the Fur Armor are mentioned below.

  • Bare Torso
  • Bare Torso with Shawl
  • Full Body Sleeveless
  • Full Body Sleeves

If you head inside the Mzinchaleft, there is a chance that you may find a full fur armor set there. Here you will encounter two bandits that used to wear full fur armor set in Skyrim.

Other than that, if you want to know about a location where it is guaranteed that you will find this warmest armor set, then go to the White River Watch.


Here you will find two bandits, each wearing a complete armor set that you can loot after taking them out.


As we have already told you, you will find different variants of Fur Armor pieces. Like sometimes you will find Fur Boots and sometimes Shoes.

Below we will cover the base stats of all the Fur Armor pieces you can find in Skyrim.

Armor Piece Armor Weight Value ID
Fur Armor 23 6 50 0010594F
Fur Helmet 11 1 23 006F39E
Fur Boots 5 2 5 000A6D7F
Fur Gauntlets 5 2 5 000A6D7D
Fur Shoes 6 2 4 0003F398
Fur Braces 6 1 10 0006F398

You cannot forge Fur Armor at the Blacksmith Forge, but you can still upgrade it at the Workbench using the Leather.

Console Commands

To spawn Fur Armor in-game, you can use the following console command.

player.AddItem [ID]

The following are the complete commands to spawn the Fur armor pieces in Skyrim.

  • Fur Armor: player.AddItem 0010594F
  • Fur Helmet: player.AddItem 006F39E
  • Fur Boots: player.AddItem 000A6D7F
  • Fur Gauntlets: player.AddItem 000A6D7D
  • Fur Shoes: player.AddItem 0003F398
  • Fur Braces: player.AddItem 0006F398

Fur armor mods

aMidianBorn Fur Armor Mod is a wholly redesigned HD version of the standard Fur Armor. The Nexusmods release this mod, so its compatibility with the game wouldn’t be an issue. You will get a detailed HD armor experience because of this mod.

Revealing Female Fur Armor Mod adult mod that includes the texture of the armor. It is specially designed for the female character in the game. The other perks it offers will be similar to the fur armor, but it wouldn’t cover much of your body.

The Modified Female Fur Armor Mod doesn’t have much to offer. It will just shorten the size of the female leather skirt. If you like to play this game adultly, you can try this mod.

The Banditry Fur Armor Mod is for bandits and ruffians. You will get recipes for both four-tier outfits and standard ones. You can level up more, and your armor will not change even if you reach the dragon quality.

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