Skyrim Conjuration Leveling Guide, Level 100 In No Time

Soul Trap for the win!

Conjuration is among the 6 known Mage skills in Skyrim. This skill mainly focuses on Summoning creatures that aid the caster and trap the enemies’ souls. You can also produce ethereal weapons with the help of Conjuration, and there are some cool Conjuration spells as well. So, this skill has its uses. Like other skills in Skyrim, Conjuration can also be leveled up using multiple ways. In this guide, we will discuss different methods through which players can level up their Conjuration Skill fast.

Fastest way to level Conjuration in Skyrim, Soul Trap

Leveling up this skill can be hard. Activating the Mage Stone also aids in gaining 20% more XP for your skills. The fastest way to level up Conjuration Skill is to use Soul Trap Spell.

Head over to the College of Winterhold. Talk to the Conjuration teacher Phinis Gestor or Farengar Secret-Fire. You can buy the ‘Spell Tome: Soul Trap’ from here.

soul trap skyrim

Once the book is bought, make your way out of the college and over to any area where you may find the dead body of an animal or human. If you don’t know of any area, then just kill a human or animal. Once you have a body before you, read the spell book to learn Soul Trap. Once done, start hitting the body repeatedly with Soul Trap. You will notice that you will gain XP for each hit, which levels up your Conjuration fast. Your Magicka will be a factor in this scheme, so ensure that you don’t run out of it. You can use different methods to keep your Magicka up, including potions, spells, or enchantments. Using Soul Trap on Shadowmere (as the horse has a lot of hp) can also be an effective way to level up Conjuration in Skyrim.

Other Methods to Level up Conjuration

Using Summoning spells and Bound Weapon spells in battles or when you are detected will also increase XP gained for Conjuration. The more enemies you are detected by, the more XP you will gain. Most of the Conjuration Spells will grant you some XP on their use, so in general, you have to cast these spells as much as you can to level up Conjuration.

Trainers in Skyrim are also a reliable source of leveling up any skill. Their only drawback is that they require gold to train you. Every trainer can help the player gain 5 levels of a particular skill on every 1 character level. That means on level 15, a trainer can train you to +5 levels of your current skill level. Level up your character to 16 and return to level up your skill +5 times again. Trainers have ranks that identify how much leveling up can each do. Adept trainers can level up your skill to level 50, Expert trainers can help you reach 75, and Master trainers can take your skill up to level 90. Below are the names, ranks, and locations of the trainers for Conjuration:

  • Runil (Adept, Falkreath)
  • Phinis Gestor (Expert, College of Winterhold)
  • Falion (Master, Morthal)
  • Talvas Fathryon (Master, Tel Mithryn)

Skill Books are also a way to level up your skills. The only downside is that there are a total of 5 books per skill in Skyrim, and each book grants 1 instant level up. As there is no other requirement but to read the book to gain a skill level, it is advised to use skill books when your skill level is at a higher level as it becomes difficult to level up at that time. Each book has multiple copies across Skyrim, but they become ineffective as soon as one of the copies of a book is read. The skill books of Conjuration are:

  • 2920, v09 – Hearth Fire (The Mortar and Pestle, Dawnstar)
  • The Doors of Oblivion (Reachcliff Cave)
  • The Warrior’s Charge (Stillborn Cave)
  • 2920, v10 – Frostfall (Belyn Hlaalu’s House, Windhelm)
  • Liminal Bridges (Shalidor’s Maze, Labyrinthian)
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