Skull And Bones Leaks Ship Upgrades And Customizations, Nowhere “Near Completion”

Skull and Bones seems to be faring well on the high seas following multiple delays and a change in direction.

Skull and Bones seems to be faring well on the high seas following multiple delays and a change in direction.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, well-known leaker Tom Henderson dropped numerous details about the ships players will be able to sail in the game, or at least when the game releases in the near future.

There will apparently be five different tiers of ships in Skull and Bones which start from small fishboats before going all the way to massive galleons. Each tier will furthermore be split into three categories: cargo, combat, and exploration; allowing players to choose firsthand if they want to pursue trade, piracy, or new lands, or even a combination if they want.

Unlocking ships is a fundamental part of Skull and Bones and will require players to first purchase blueprints from different settlements before gathering enough crafting materials such as wood, metal, and fibre to actually build the blueprint.

The tier and category will determine what and how many kinds of upgrades a ship can have. In terms of weapons for example, a ship will have a pre-determined number of cannons depending upon its size. However, players can always upgrade their ships to add more cannons, flame throwers, mortars, and such in addition to unlocking new ammunition types such as chain-linked cannon balls.

Other upgrades will be in the form of additional armor, storage chests, and adding crafting or other useful vendors on ships such as smelteries for quick access. Skull and Bones will also allow players to customize their ships in numerous ways, ranging from changing sails to wheels to shanties and such.

Skull and Bones draws inspiration from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag but its ambitions forced developer-and-publisher Ubisoft to restart development to pursue “a new vision” which ended up in multiple delays. Ubisoft fairly wants the game to reach a safe point before making any further reveals.

In the meanwhile, Skull and Bones has been pegged for a release somewhere in the second half of 2022. The game is said to be nowhere “near completion” but does lie “in a decent spot with a lot of good combat.”

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