Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion Errors and Fixes Guide

Fix crash to desktop, launch problems, online connectivity and other errors you are experiencing with Rebellion by following our guide.

Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion has been released and we are seeing players experiencing common issues that were either addressed in the beta or can be fixed easily with a workaround. If you are having trouble with game, please see if what follows in our Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion Errors and Fixes guide works for you.

Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion Errors and Fixes

1# Game Immediately Crashes / Black Screen Crash on Startup
Make sure your drivers are updated else you will get blackscreen or immediate crash to desktop after launching the game. It mostly occurs on the Intel laptops with Nvidia chipsets. Rebellion requires Nvidia driver version 296.10 or higher to play. You can download the drivers from here. If these drivers don’t fix the issue, try the modified versions of these drivers.

If simply updating drivers doesn’t work, set the Rebellion to use that driver exclusively. To do this, right-click on your Windows desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel. Under 3D settings select Manage 3D settings and then choose the Program Settings tab. Select (or add) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion from the dropdown menu in area 1; then in area 2 select High-performance NVIDIA processor.

2# Multiplayer Games Desync on Autosave
It’s a false positive and developer is working on a hotfix to address it, but in the meantime all players are recommended to use default autosave settings.

3# Game Crashes / Incorrect Version Number Displayed
If your game crashes often or you get the wrong version in the lower-right corner of the screen when you first launch, some of your game files may have been failed to update properly.

To resolve the issue – Within the Steam client, select Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion from your Library and right-click, then select Properties. Select the Local Files tab into the dialog that appears and then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Steam will verify that all of your files are fully updated and fix any that aren’t.

4# How To Fix ‘Your mesh files differ from the host’
If you get this error while joining a multiplayer, you may need to uninstall, delete your Sins folder entirely (Do that manually) and re-install to fix this issue.

Alternatively, you can just delete these files from your Sins Mesh folder and it may work (Do not delete the Entrenchment Mesh folder).

  • SupportShip_PsiGunship.mesh
  • SupportShip_PsiDecoyFighter.mesh
  • SupportShip_PhaseGunship.mesh

These files are located in the ‘Mesh’ folder in your game’s installation directory.

5# Can’t Host a Game – How To Configure Ports/Multiplayer Online
Verify your network and Windows configuration (If your network has a router that connects you to your ISP):

  • UPnP has to be enabled on your router.
  • Port 6112 has been redirected to your IP address for TCP/UDP traffic.

To get UPnP working on Windows XP, make sure these two services are set to manual by default:

  • Verify that the service “SSDP Discovery Service” is started and set to automatic.
  • Verify that the service “Universal Plug and Play Device Host” is started and set to automatic.

6# Rebellion Run Time Error
This error occurs when your video card runs out of texture memory. It’s was one of the major bugs during Beta and while Rebellion optimizes the use of Texture memory, you may have to tweak your graphics settings to fix this issue.

7# Can’t Start Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion
Follow these steps to sync your game:

  • Go into the Steam application
  • Right-clicking on the “Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion” game
  • Select “Properties” in the pull-down menu
  • Choose “Local Files” – (the third option, horizontally)
  • Select “Verify integrity of game cache”.

If you are having any different issue or still need help, comment and we will try out best to help you out.

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