Silent Hills P.T. Being Deleted from PlayStation 4 Automatically

It looks like Konami is removing all evidence that Silent Hills existed; P.T. is reportedly being removed from PlayStation 4 across the globe.

Back in April this year, GuillermoDel Toro revealed that Silent Hills had been cancelled, this was followed by an official confirmation of the same on the very next day.

However, the P.T. (playable teaser) of the game was still on the consoles of everyone who downloaded it. In fact, it was kept as a downloadable item on PlayStation 4 until Sony finally removed it from available downloads about two months ago.

This was not a very welcome news looking at the popularity of the teaser but it looks like Konami simply didn’t want people to remember that a project like Silent Hills got cancelled.

It is probably for this reason that the publisher is also removing the downloadable copies of the P.T. from PlayStation 4 consoles all over the globe. They are taking it slow but we have picked up word that copies of the teaser have been deleted from consoles that are registered in the Australian region.

Not just that, a few other PS4 users have confirmed that they weren’t able to find it on their consoles that are linked to a US account too.

It was expected because the license agreement of the P.T. also recognized it as a temporary use content but that doesn’t means fans are going to like this.

In fact, we know some who would event pay a couple of bucks simply to be able to keep it among their collection and revisit it every now and then.

Did you check whether your console still has the Silent Hills P.T. or not?

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