Silent Hills Could Have Been Groundbreaking: Layers of Fear Dev

For millions of fans, the biggest disappointment of 2015 was the cancellation of Silent Hills. It was the result of Konami’s changing direction and interest in mobile and non-gaming businesses.

The game was being created by Hideo Kojima in partnership with Guillermo Del Toro. The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus was playing the lead. It was going to be the biggest Silent Hills project to date. The game was teased with a short demo called P.T. But before the demo could turn into a full game, the project was scrapped.

In the same year a P.T inspired game called Layers of Fear came out and it was received really well. It took notes from Silent Hills but managed to stand out from the pack by using psychological horror rather than jump scares. It is a brilliantly designed psychological horror.

Developer of Layers of Fear recently spoke about Silent Hills and he was equally as disappointed as fans. Rafał Basaj from Bloober Team thinks that Silent Hills/P.T could have been groundbreaking.

Speaking to GamingBolt:

The Playable Teaser in a way opened our eyes. Suddenly, we heard the people’s voices that there is a place on the market for a horror that isn’t a survival game, also its use of ‘impossible space’ became one of our main inspirations for Layers of Fear.

We were hugely disappointed by the Silent Hills cancellation, it was shaping to become a truly groundbreaking title. I believe this game will yet again surface in the future, but it most definitely be a different game. If it will stand toe-to-toe to P.T.’s quality is a big unknown, I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.

It would have indeed been amazing but all we can do now is hope the franchise does not die along with P.T.

If you wish to try out Layers of Fear, it is on Xbox One and PC. PS4 version is also dated.

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