Shin Megami Tensei V Lahmu Boss Guide

Lahmu is one of the six Main story bosses in Shin Megami Tensei 5. He’s capable of inflicting a good amount of damage upon anyone who crosses paths with him. In this Shin Megami Tensei V Lahmu Boss guide, we have given the weaknesses, Attacks, and tips on how to defeat Lahmu in Shin Megami Tensei 5.

Shin Megami Tensei V Lahmu Boss

Just like any other Main Story boss in SMT 5, Lahmu is associated with a certain in-game character giving you a purpose to kill him.

The character we’re talking about is Sahori, who’s been captured by the hideous creature known as Lahmu.

During the initial cutscene, Lahmu explains how he’s on a search to find the other half of himself so he can reunite with it and become a powerful being known as Nahobino.

Since Lahmu’s attention is fixed on Sahori, it’s time for you to catch him off-guard.  But before you plan to fight Lahmu, you must know all about his attacks and weaknesses. We’ve covered that up for you in the sections below.

Lahmu’s Weaknesses

What makes SMT 5 stand out from other JRPG is that whenever you find an opponent’s weakness, Lahmu boss, in this case, you’ll get a bonus turn for inflicting damage on the opponent.

Finding the right weakness can surely turn the tables on your opponent and lead you to a big victory.

Surprisingly, even after being an unstoppable force, Lahmu possesses a few weaknesses that you can take advantage of in dealing damage. Weaknesses such as Force and Light therefore, it’s best to pick a team that possesses Light and Force skills.

Lahmu’s Attacks

Throughout the fight, Lahmu uses a large move-set of attack. His arsenal consists of many Skills such as Babylon Curse, Bufula, Zionga, Mudo, and Charge.

Where Babylon Curse executes a Weak Almighty attack to a single opponent and Inflicts Mud.

Using Bufula, he executes a Medium Ice attack on a single opponent. With Zionga, he executes a Medium Electrical attack on a single opponent.

Mudo is used for executing a Weak Dark attack on a single opponent, which upon striking has a chance of instakill. Lastly, he uses Charge to increase the damage of the next physical attack performed by all allies.

Additionally, he’ll use Silt of Ruin+2, Tentarafoo +3, Mudoon+3, and Mazionga+3 but in random order during the last phase of the fight.

How to Defeat Lahmu in SMT 5

Before you start the boss fight, make sure to choose a team according to the skills possessed by Lahmu, since a team weak towards his attacks can surely lead to a defeat.

We’d recommend going for Principality, Thoth, and Xuanwu while making sure all the team members are over the level of 26.

Once that’s all set and done, let’s head over to the Jozoji Temple to focus on the boss fight and see how you can defeat this hideous creature in SMT 5.

Lahmu is a big flying creature with tentacles spread across his body. He’s one terrifying-looking character who’s resistant to Fire and Ice.

To add a shock factor to the fight, the Lahmu boss fight is divided into two phases and both phases can be defeated quite easily if you follow a certain pattern.

During the fight, both you and Lahmu are given turns to execute your respective attacks and see which attack inflicts more damage. Finding the major weakness of the opposition can lead to an extra turn.


During the first phase of the boss fight, your main goal is to cut off the tentacles of Lahmu and to do so you must use your members and execute attacks in the following manner:

Use Xuanwu and use Taunt+2 to draw enemy hostility. Now, follow it up by using Thoth’s Marakunda +3 to see Lahmu’s defense go down.

Again, use Xuanwu but this time use Rakukaja +2 and wait until Lahmu’s turn is over.

Once it’s your turn again, use the combination of Thoth’s Marakunda +3 and Xuanwu’s Rakukaja +2. Follow it up by using Thoth’s Tarukaja +3 and Xuanwu’s Taunt+2.

As Lahmu uses his Babylon’s Curse, you use Principality to execute the Omagatoki: Critical to make all your attacks including magic attacks go on a critical streak.

Once done, use Principality’s Mahama +4, Thoth’s Tarukaja+3, your character’s Mahama and then again go for Principality’s Mahama+4 following it up with Thoth’s Marakunda +3 then using Mahama.

After Lahmu’s turn is over, follow the same pattern again by starting off with Principality’s Mahama +4, Thoth’s Tarukaja+3 and finally Mahama to successfully cut all of Lahmu’s tentacles off.

Proceed to use Principality’s Hamaon +4, Thoth’s Tarukaja +3 and Mahama. Again, start off with Principality’s Hamaon, Spirit Drain then again Principality’s Hamaon to end the first Phase of the Lahmu Boss fight.


Start the second phase by switching Thoth with Parvati and Principality with Quetzalcoatl.

During this phase, Lahmu has this Xenomorph-looking creature stuck to his body and mostly that’ll do the attacking. Attacks such as Silt of Ruin+2 and Tentarafoo +3, Mudoon+3 and Mazionga+3.

Start the fight with Parvati’s Marakunda +3, your character’s Agilao +3 Xuanwu’s Taunt+2, Quetzalcoatl’s Agilao +4 and repeat the pattern until your next turn.

Once it’s your turn, use Parvati’s Media +4, Agilao +3 and Xuanwu’s Rakukaja +2 and Quetzalcoatl’s Agilao +4. Repeat this pattern for two more turns.

After the second consecutive turn, use Quetzalcoatl’s Omagatoki Critical, Agilao +4, Parvati’s Tarukaja+3, Agilao +3. And Xuanwu’s Chakra Drop. Repeat this pattern till you’ve defeated Lahmu and freed Sahori from his trap.

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