Shadows: Awakening Announced, Isometric RPG For Consoles And PC

Games Farm has announced their new game Shadows: Awakening, an isometric RPG that will be coming out in 2018 for both consoles and PC.

If Diablo no longer tickles your fancy and you want a new isometric RPG to play, then Games Farm might have an answer for you in the form of Shadows: Awakening. The game is due out in 2018, and will be available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Shadows: Awakening is the most recent entry in the Heretic Kingdoms series of games. That series consists of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms and Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, which came out in 2005 and 2014, respectively. Both games have gotten fairly positive reviews when they came out, so hopefully the upcoming game will follow in the trend.

The Heretic Kingdoms series tells the tale of a world where a nameless hero slew the world’s resident deity long ago, causing religion to be outlawed. However, Shadows: Awakening proves that demons still exist in the world, and have taken control of a secret council known as the Penta Nera. Now, the player must stop the Penta Nera from attempting to gain immortality and power by traveling the world and slaying heroes to gain power for themselves.

According to the game’s Steam page, it will include 40 hours of gameplay across two separate worlds: one world being the material world, one being the world of ghosts and spirits. Players will also be working with a party of fifteen different characters across the story, and the game will also be fully voiced, including by Tom Baker, a veteran of British sci-fi series Doctor Who.

So, if you’ve been looking for a new isometric RPG and you’ve played Diablo to the point that you’re sick of it, then maybe Shadows: Awakening is for you. Currently the game doesn’t have any confirmed release date, but it will likely be releasing sometime in 2018 for the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC.

If you want to see how the game plays for yourself, you can find the announcement trailer above.

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