Shadow Of War Mobile Version Officially Announced

Shadow Of War might be a couple of months away from launch for PC and consoles, however, these are not the only platforms where Players will be able to enjoy their adventures in Middle-Earth. Recently, the mobile version of the game was leaked and now the Warner Bros has officially confirmed it.

The mobile version of Shadow Of War will be a free-to-play real-time RPG that will let players follow Talion, Celebrimbor, Elatriel, and other characters from the game, and not only this the game will also feature characters from Lords Of The Rings movies.

The mobile version of Shadow Of War will launch this fall for iOS and Android devices but, players can pre-register their device. Those who will pre-register their iOS device will receive an exclusive character bundle featuring Ratbag and an Orc starter army.

On the other hand, those who will register their Android device will receive a version of Shelob in her human form which was recently revealed in a trailer.

In related news, BAFTA nominated, Garry Schyman, has confirmed that he is returning to compose music for the upcoming Shadow Of War. He revealed that he is excited to be working on the upcoming game and believes that his work will enhance the game’s experience.

I am pleased, excited and grateful to announce my work in scoring WB/Monolith Games massive sequel to Shadow of Mordor: Shadow of War.

Shadow of War is much more than a sequel, I believe it stands as a real achievement in game design and execution and will be talked about for decades. I also believe our score wonderfully enhances this project.

Shadow Of War is an open-world action adventure game in development at Monolith Productions and is scheduled to launch on October 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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