Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide will guide you through all the side missions in a step by step process.

There are many different side missions that you can do while playing Tomb Raider. These missions are not that complicated but you may find yourself stuck in certain spots. Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide will walk you through all of them.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions

Our SoTR Side Missions Guide will guide you through all the side missions in a step-by-step process.

Let us go through all of the side missions in the game one by one and see how to complete all of the objectives.

Find Takiy’s Dice

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: N/A

This mission can be found while going through The Hidden City region. The quest will be received from Takiy who is sitting at the foot of the hill near the market square. He will tell you that a dead man stole his dice.

Now, you need to seek out Pisco the Dead. In order to do that, head to the market south-west of the city and talk to the man praying in the building. He is not actually dead as you’ll notice.

He will tell you to seek the other outcasts as he won it fair and square. The 5 outcasts will be marked on the map and will complete the mission. Completing it will unlock a new shop with new equipment for you.

Deal with the Pillagers

Location: Kuwaq Yaku

Reward: N/A

Speak to the man that is found to the bottom side of the Base Camp in Kuwaq Yaku. He will lead you to another man who will be kicked down the stairs.

He will give you a side quest to deal with all of the pillagers. Next, follow the market and talk to the man watching the TV and then Marco at the bar.

Marco will ask you to help him find his son. Go to the spot and take care of the enemies. The best approach here is a stealthy one although it is easy to kill them whichever path you decide to go through.

Remember that you need to move quickly to the hostages, as they will be killed if you are not fast enough. Completing the quest will reward you with the game’s version of Desert Eagle with is known as the ‘River Hawk’

Look for Lucia’s Missing Nephews

Location: Kuwaq Yaku

Reward: River Hawk Handgun

Go to the two-story shack that is close to the river and here you will find Victor. Talk to him in order to start the side mission. Go inside the shack and talk to Omar who is sitting on a couch. You will be sent to talk to Marco who can be found at Abby’s cantina.

Once you have done this you will need to go to the edge of town. Go past Victor to the Jardin Comunitarion sign. Head towards the jungle and get under the tree. Follow the trail and go through the small tunnel and mud to the opening where you will find pillagers.

You will encounter 4 Trinity soldiers in the first area. Deal with these enemies by using the camouflage provided by the surroundings.

Three more people are patrolling the shelters. You can get to them from the stairs or from a back entrance which will make things a bit easier.

You can throw a bottle to distract enemies. Once they investigate the noise, you can take them down. You can do this with all the enemies.

The final enemy can be killed in any way you like. Pry open the door on the left in order to get an artifact and go back to Marco to finish the side mission and get your reward.

Cast Out

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: Unlocks Special Merchant

After talking to Pisco in Hidden City, you will need to find and talk to 5 outcasts. From Pisco, turn right and climb the steps to get to the first outcast.

The second one can be found on the plateau that overlooks the first person that you found. You can find the third outcast inside a village cave, along with the southern mountainside.

From the previous outcast, go straight ahead and you will find a stone building without a finished roof. The next outcast will be inside the building.

Once you have talked to four of these outcasts the location of the last one will appear on the map. Return to Pisco the Dead after talking to the last outcast to end the mission and get your reward.

The King’s Horn

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: 350 Gold Coins

You can find Uchu in Unuratu’s Home. Talk to him to start the mission. Cross the bridge and keep going straight and you will find Kabil and his family. Go to the market and talk to the woman that is next to the entrance. Next, climb the steps that are across from the market and go to the very top. Talk to the Serpent guard who is positioned on the left.

Next, go speak to Yamil who is with his friends at the west wall. Go up the wall and get the knife from the ledge. Talk to Yamil and then Cualli who is on the cell. You will get the herbs. Take these back to Kabil and you will get the King’s horn. Come back and talk to Uchu in order to end the mission and get your reward.

Hearts and Minds

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: The Savior’s Amulet, 350 Gold Coins

Find the White tree that is located near the Fishing District. Climb the tree and jump to the cliff and climb the ledge.

Go right and climb the next ledge. Next, jump off of the protruding rock ahead and swing to the cliff face. Scramble to find the opening.

Go deeper into the cave and bust through the weak part of the wall at the dead end. Disable the spear traps and search the chamber.

Scramble the wall opposite the entrance and go down the steps. You will see the sarcophagus on the other side of the cistern.

Try to cross the bridge and it will break. Dive underwater and take the tunnel to your left and surface outside a corridor.

Climb inside and go left. Use the switch on the right and this will raise the water level. Return to the chamber. Swim through the opening to find a corridor that is similar to the previous one.

Interact with the switch again and come back. Swim through another opening and get to yet another corridor. Stand on the ground and fire an arrow the White Coil.

Use the switch that will raise the water level even higher. Return to the central chamber.

Take the amulet from the sarcophagus and there will be a weak part of the wall that will let you leave the area. Get out of the cave and talk to Uchu in order to end the mission and get your rewards.

Retrieve the Champion’s Bow

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: The Champion’s Bow, and Manko’s Tunic.

Head to the cave after unlocking the quest by talking to Uchu. Go into the jungle on the Western side of town.

Go into the opening in the rock and you’ll find yourself in a new area with a cave in the midst of it. Enter the cave, and you’ll spot the bow. Defeat the Jaguar and approach the bow to get it. Return to Uchu to claim your rewards.

Freedom for the Rebels

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: Vestige: Ch’amaka’s Grieves

Talk to Poma during the Return to Hidden City in order to start the mission. The approximate locations of the rebels are marked on the map.

Cross the bridge into the market district and go left through the market. You will find a rebel prisoner after a big tree.

To find the second one you need to go along the water edge past the main bridge.

You will find another rebel tied up outside the mountainside cave where there is the Village Caves Base Camp.

Climb up the steps on the southern mountainside and you will find another rebel in a cubby hole about half way up. Once you have found all of them go back and talk to Poma in order to end the mission and get your reward.

A Particular Set of Skills

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: N/A

Enter into the hidden mountainside cave. This is the same one as the Temple of the Sun Challenge Tomb. If you have completed the challenge then you can easily fast travel to the location.

In order to fast travel will have to Temple Path Base Camp prior to this mission.

You will need to survive an attack by Kukulkan warriors and archers in order to complete the mission and save Colqui.

Ancient Studies

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: Heart of the Eagle Longbow, and 1 Skill Point

Talk to Awil, the little girl in the Fishing District, in order to start the mission. The three Murals are at the west side of the village and their approximate locations are provided on the map.

Come back and talk to Mayu after getting all the Murals, and you’ll find out that her father wants to sacrifice her in a ritual.

Go west and climb up the rock wall on the left side. Keep going left and you will find an opening. Follow the trail to the base camp. Keep moving to the village and talk to Awil’s father.

Once the girl is free, you will be attacked by Kukulkan’s warriors. Once all the enemies are defeated, go back to Mayu and Awil in the Fishing District in order to complete the mission.

Widow’s Tears

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: Yaways’s Battle Tunic, 450 Gold Coins

Go to the top of the stone stairs that run along the southern mountains turn right and follow the stone path. Go up to the crowd of citizens.

Speak to the businessman in order to start the quest. You will need the Serpent Guard outfit in order to be able to do this mission.

In order to complete the mission, you need to go down the stairs located at the right side of the house and talk to the horn player.

Once the crowd has gone away, enter the house and talk to the guard. Go back to the horn player and search next to the torch on the left side to find a note.

Go back up the stairs. Go past the entrance and climb up the stone wall on the right. Follow the stone path on the right of the hut. Jump across the beams located at the backside.

Jump over the craggy surface and cross the trail. Go right and stop before the home to investigate the ground on the right where you will find the murder weapon.

Akna will open the gate. In order to complete the mission, you will need to go talk to Pakal and Taruca.

Stay of Execution

Location: The Hidden City, Paititi

Reward: Reinforced/Finely-Crafted Knife

Talk to Etzli in Upper Paititi in order to start the mission. Talk to Kayara who can be found on the steps left of the Temple of Kukulkan entrance.

Talk to the four people that have gear icons on their head in order to get inside. Once the door opens you will find Hakan inside. Bust through the wall on the right and go to the old barracks. Help Hakan to open the exit.

How Sweat the Sound

Location: Mission of San Juan

Reward: Skull-mam Relic

Talk to Guillermo in Mission of San Juan to start the mission and head to the cemetery. Talk to the old woman who can be found at the back of the cemetery.

Talk to the children and search behind the well that is located opposite the library. Find the treasure and give it to the children.

Talk to the old lady again and help her with the tombstone. Take notice of the cross on top that will take you to the next objective. Each cross will point to the next.

You will find yourself down the river. Get to the final cross. Press the small cross and a gate will open. Proceed to the lower levels.

Talk to Isabella who is lying on the ground. Loot the sarcophagus that is located next to her. You need to find a way out of the crypt. Crawl into an opening at the left side to get to a corridor.

Leap towards the metal hook and use your Grappling Axe to get to the next ledge. Keep moving ahead till you reach a dead end and climb on to the floor above.

Turn left and jump over the trap floor. In the next room push the switch to open a gate. Swing to the far ledge and then Use your bow and rope to pull the wooden slabs down.

Jump on to the craggy surface and follow it to the ledge. Go right and up the floor. Go through the tunnel up the ladder and out of the ruins. Go to Guillermo and talk to him. After that go talk to Manu.

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