Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass Revealed, Includes 7 New Adventures And More

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is releasing this September and Eidos Montreal is already revealing its collector’s edition. Furthermore, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass has been announced, including seven new adventures, each of which contains an outfit, a weapon and more.

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass is designed that way that it brings one new adventure each month, seven in total. Each month you get a Challenge Tomb with narrative side missions, a weapon, an outfit and a new skill. You might not be getting a massive amount of new content at a certain date but having something new to do each month seems like a sweet deal. If you get the season pass prior to the game’s release then you are getting an exclusive weapon, outfit, and skill on Day One, as Eidos Montreal revealed.

Also, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Ultimate Edition has been revealed. It includes:

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider Base Game
  • Lara Croft Statue
  • A Bottle Opener
  • A Flashlight
  • The Original Game Soundtrack
  • 3 Additional Weapons and Outfits

The first month of DLC will also bring new co-op functionality to Shadow of the Tomb Raider as the company revealed, even though no more information has been given about it. What its website indicates though is that you’ll have to use the jungle in order to survive, discover tombs – which kind of feels like Assassin’s Creed Origins – and discover a hidden city and the biggest hub space ever found in a Tomb Raider game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 14th. The game’s first trailer has also been released today so make sure to check that one too. For more future information about Shadow of the Tomb Raider stay tuned to SegmentNext.

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