Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Guide – How to Unlock Duke Nuke and Mr. Buttersworth Achievements

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Guide to help you complete three of the Easter Eggs in Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour. Two of these Easter Eggs unlock two achievements that are Duke Nukem and Mr. Buttersworth.

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Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Guide

To get these achievements, you must find these Easter eggs that will unlock the achievements once you reach the specified destinations. For Duke Nukem; you must meet up with Duke Nukem, and to get Mr. Buttersworth achievement; you must find Mr. Buttersworth.

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Guide

E1M2: Public Library No #1 – Duke Nukem Achievement

To find Duke Nukem, you must travel to the southwest of the map where a slightly hidden path between buildings is present. Navigate this path and you will make it to Duke Nukem and his bike. Once you get there, you will unlock the ‘Duke Nukem’ achievement.

E2M1: Path of Feast/Fear – Mr. Buttersworth Achievement

To find Mr. Buttersworth, you must make your way from the south beach to the north until you reach four cages on the eastern side of the map. Kill the turtle in the northern-most cage, enter and cage and you will find a path between the trees just north. After that, head east to the picnic area. Once there, you will unlock the ‘Mr. Buttersworth’ achievement.

E4M1: Biological Illogical – Companion Cube

This is the third Easter Egg in the game and it features a brief cameo by Portal’s Chef who opens a portal and places the Companion Cube in the map using her gun. You will not unlock any achievement for finding this Easter Egg. This Easter Egg can spawn in four random locations. Sometimes you will simply need to walk along the locations however sometimes you might need to get to the star which the cube yields after being shot at.

First Location
The first location is located in the very north of the map. It is inside a locked-off passage. To access it, head to the northeast of the map, shoot the wall there and take the teleporter to a small room. In the small room, shoot the south wall, shoot the blue floor button and exit south. Next, shoot through the gap in the wall (northward) to open the locked door to the passage. At the northmost part of the passage, the portal may appear.

Second Location
The second location is a secret area with four biomes. To get there, first, you will have to get the eye of a blue-suited scientist from the north sector of the map. Use it to unlock the gate west of the central hub, take the teleporter to the biomes are and press the switch on the SW biome. Wait for a little and then enter. The portal may appear here.

Third Location
The third location is a small room. In the northeast part of the biomes, blow up the wall to access a secret corridor. Take the teleporter there to a previously locked off room just east of the central hub with many confusion traps. You will need to shoot the blue floor switch to unlock the small room in the SW corner. A portal may appear here or more likely the Companion Cube may already be there.

Fourth Location
The Last location can be accessed by a hidden teleporter, which is located south of the exit trigger area. Take the teleporter to a previously locked offset of rooms. A portal may appear here.

This concludes our Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Guide to Unlocking Achievements. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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