Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Is The First From Software Game To Support HDR

From Software is bringing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice to PC and consoles this year with the help of Actiivision as the publisher. Not only the studio is taking a different approach compared to its Dark Souls games, Sekiro is also the first game from From Software to support HDR.

With Sony and Microsoft introducing PS4 Slim and Xbox One S, HDR has been a huge deal in games. If done right, HDR makes colors more vibrant and the game looks much better compared to SDR.

During GI show, GameInformer was asked about the game’s performance. While the site couldn’t confirm anything about the game’s performance, hinting at possible 60 FPS, but did confirm HDR support for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and the first game from From Software to support it.

This means those with HDR displays will be able to play the game in all its glory. Obviously, the HDR support will be for both PC and consoles. Let’s hope that the HDR implementation is good unlike like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Speaking of the game, the protagonist in From Software games have always been silent. But, that is not the case with the new game. The studio has confirmed that Sekiro’s protagonist will have dialogues of his own.

However, Sekiro’s protagonist won’t have any elaborate dialogue. “He’ll say a few things here and there, but yeah, he won’t bore you to tears with constant monologues”.


Not only that, we will also get to see some character development between the young lord and the protagonists. This is also something new from the studio as Dark Souls games were very cryptic about the character development.

One nice thing about basing the story around these characters is we get to play with the relationship between these characters, between [The Wolf] and the Young Lord, and how their relationship kind of evolves throughout the game

While many fans are comparing the game to Dark Souls and calling it an evolution of the Dark Souls formula, it’s is not the case. According to From Software, the game is not an evolution of the Souls games as the game was designed from the ground up.

Furthermore, the game also features a direct story which was absent in Dark Souls titles. However, it will largely be a “fragmented experience”.

Having a fixed protagonist allows us to base the core story around him and the main characters around him. We hope that the initial story, at least from the outset, will be easier to grasp and understand. But our general philosophy hasn’t changed. It will still be a fragmented experience that the player will have to piece together themselves.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game in development at From Software and will be published by Activision. The game will release on March 22, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GI Show

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