Sea Of Thieves Progression Guide

The end game of Sea of Thieves is very difficult to figure out. Usually, in games like these, the end game seems like a long and tedious process with a massive amount of grinding. However, reading this Sea of Thieves Progression Guide will make you aware of the unique approach that the developers have taken in the Progression System of Sea of Thieves, and how it will make your play through amazing.

This Sea of Thieves Progression Guide will tell you about the character progression, ship progression, and progression rewards in Sea of Thieves and what should you do in order to progress faster.

Sea of Thieves Progression

In order to end the game, you need to become a Pirate legend. Becoming a Pirate Legend will require quite a lot of work.

There is not much information available as to what means to become a Pirate Legend, but there has been speculation that it will unlock better quests and maybe a secret area for the legends.

Becoming a Pirate Legend will be an extremely difficult and grueling task, so let’s go ahead and take a look at how the Progression works in SoT and what you can do to progress faster.

How to Progress

One thing that I am sure fans of the series will appreciate is the fact that the game does not have a one-dimensional progression system. This means that there are no levels for you to climb and you do not have to do the same thing over and over to become a Pirate Legend.

In order to progress, the game will take a look at your reputation with each trading company.

The better your reputation, the better quests you will get and the better rewards there will be for each of those quests.

So, you can do quests and increase reputation in order to progress further in the game. After every 5 increments of reputation, you will be able to unlock better things for you.

Completing difficult objectives will unlock new adventures and will unlock various cosmetic rewards including titles, ranks, and pirate clothing.

There are three different factions; the Goal Hoarder, the Merchant Alliance, and the Order of the Souls. Each faction has a different playstyle and increasing your reputation among each faction comes with progression rewards.

Character progression does not depend on the items you get in Sea of thieves like clothing, weapons, titles, and ranks but on the player’s skill with arms in combat.

Ship progression includes adding unique flags and sails to represent your pirate crew.

The progression will also be very obvious visually. People who have progressed farther into the game will be able to customize themselves with better clothing and skins than those who have not.

One of the best things about the game is that even when you progress, you will not get access to better weapons.

This means that you will not lose a game just because someone has better weapons than you. Probably a good time for EA to take a hint and do something with their signature franchises.

In case your friends have different reputation than you, you can share their reputation when doing quests.

This is also great because it brings an element of teamwork into the game and allows your crew to have an impact in what kind of quests you do.

Essentially, all you have to do is to keep on completing quests and eventually, you will become a Pirate Legend.

This will unlock a lot of End Game stuff for you and you will be able to do stuff such as attempt special raids and try and take on Skull Forts.

Chances are that Skull Forts will have a lot of replay ability and thus, will make sure that players of the game keep coming back again and again.

There is no real Ship progression in the Sea of Thieves because everyone gets a galleon at the time of the first login.

Unless you become a legend, everyone’s ship will be the same. But if you become a pirate legend, you will get a legendary ship that will be entirely different from the standard galleons and sloops.

Legendary Ship has a Ship progression. As your ship’s reputation increases, you will get access to special things.

End Game – What to Do!

This section of our Sea of Thieves Guide is for players who are looking to break out of the gameplay loop of Sea of Thieves and grab something worthwhile.

For those who’ve carried out all the voyages and captured all the skull forts, what do you do next? Well, our Progression Guide will give you an idea of the end game for Sea of Thieves.

After having gone through many treasure chest hunts, battling formidable skeletons, and facing-off against other pirate foes, where do you stand? That’s exactly what we’re asking ourselves!

The game isn’t designed in a way as to have an ending. So players can continue to roam around, make more friends to have them as crewmembers or continue stealing chests from other players on sea.

However, it might get tedious and boring as players would like more variety. In that case, we’ve highlighted some tasks which you can carry out to bring some freshness and flavor to your Sea of Thieves experience.

Pirate Legend

For those of you who’ve managed to complete all voyages in the game, there’s a certain guy that starts appearing over many locations.

Only known as the ‘Mysterious Stranger’ as of now, the person can be found at the back of each tavern in the outposts.

No one has interacted with him yet and so no one can really hope what to expect from him.

However, this may have something to do with the ‘Pirate Legend’ level that Rare Games discussed about. Pirate Legend could be the title given if max level is reached. This Mysterious Stranger may have a part to play for you to reach that level.

Cosmetic Items and Apparel

Being void of progression related to weapon upgrades and skill modifications, you can spend your gold two ways.

Either upgrade and build up your vessel or spend it on unlocking rare cosmetic items and clothes. You can choose this items to be used on your character, your weapons, and gear.

These includes some cool looking pirate hats, a variety of skins for you guns and more.

Maybe, you’d want to spend your money this way, after you’ve done everything else in the game.

The Kraken

Since the location for this mythical creature is random and cannot be predicted, players may make a goal for themselves to hunt down one.

This powerful foe may appear in deeper waters compared to shallow areas. Once it appears, surrounding water will turn darker to form a grey-black color.

Then tentacles will appear and this is when the battles start. Use cannon on your ship to bring it down and collect precious loot.

You can read up more on the Kraken and How to Defeat it by heading over to the page.

Explore PVP

At its heart, Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer game. Players are encourage to help or face-off against other players. This creates for a tense and exciting experience which never gets old.

Players can always steal goods from other vessels. Alternatively, you can engage in duels with other pirates, so fun is to be had. This PVP feature of the game always adds that feeling of intrigue and freshness to every game session that you start.

That is all we have for our Sea of Thieves Progression Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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