Slight Delay Expected For Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores Update

The latest update of Sea of Thieves was expected to release next week with some epic additional content. However, recent updates on the community forum for Sea Of Thieves established that although the Forsaken Shores update is just getting its final touches the launch may see a bit of delay.

Developers for the action-adventure video game are going to take the content update to the testing phase so that any bugs can be dealt with beforehand.

The official Sea of Thieves Twitter account shared the news with the fans to inform them about Forsaken the Shores update. The announcement was made in a progress updates piece from developers on the official website’s community forum. Executive Producer, Joe Neate addressed it to the audience to fill in with an explanation for the reasons behind delaying the release of Forsaken Shores.

Joe acknowledged that the latest Sea of Thieves update is indeed being polished and readied for the finishing stage. The producer emphasized that they want to make sure that the players receive the update in the most matured and steady form possible. In this regard, the update will be tested to get rid of any bugs so that the update does not disappoint users in any way.

The weekend has been dedicated by the developers of Sea of Thieves solely to make sure the Forsaken Shores update is cleared for any bug or fix. Joe Neate raised the point that even though the content update is just about ready there is always a chance for some unprecedented concern to potentially, but not evidently, show up and that is what could actually take some time to get straightened up.

Therefore, even though the expected and officially reported date for the launch of Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores was 19th September these issues are what could be the cause of postponing the update till further notice. Therefore, the authorities of the game wanted its users to know this fact instead of facing their backlash later.

Moreover, the players have also been given a heads up to stay tuned to hear anything first on Monday after the developers have gone through with testing the Forsaken Shores update. Although, Joe insisted that they wish to deliver the content on time as promised but the delay has been told not to exceed than a few days. The game developers have always wanted to stay truthful to its fans by giving direct news and receiving authentic feedbacks. They even wish to keep on providing free content updates to the Sea of Thieves users forever.

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