Saints Row VTOL Jet Location Guide

If you want to quickly acquire the VTOL Jet as you rampage across the open world of Saints Row then you've come to the right guide.

With the release of Saints Row 2022, the fan-favorite VTOL Jet also returns. This vehicle has always been a staple in the Saints Row series and is still one of the most adored vehicles in the franchise. This is a Jet with VTOL capabilities (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and features weapons like homing missiles and microwave lasers.

There are two ways to get a VTOL Jet in Saints Row 2022. In the first method, you can unlock it in your helipad garage by completing the final mission of the main story. On the other hand, you can simply steal it from any of its spawn locations dotted around the map. But bear in mind that all these spawn locations are very heavily guarded by the enemies.

How to get a Jet in Saints Row

The most reliable way to get a Jet is to unlock it by completing all the main story missions. This method requires time and dedication but, in our opinion, it’s worth it.

On average it takes about 12-17 hours the complete the main storyline. The player must complete the final mission of the main campaign known as “Showdown”. We won’t spoil it for you, but it is this mission in which the player gets to use the VTOL Jet for the first time. Once you have completed the mission you get access to MDI-921V VTOL Jet in your helipad garage. You can spawn it using any helipad.

The controls for the VTOL Jet are fairly simple but will take a little practice for getting used to.

AscendSpace BarACross
Fire LaserLMBRTR2
Fire MissilesRMBLTL2
Change Flight ModeShiftBCircle

VTOL Jet Spawn Locations Saints Row

If you are lucky enough, the VTOL Jet can be found at any Marshall Facility on the map. They are not guaranteed to spawn. Even if you find one, you will have to fight a ton of enemies just to get to the jet. So, we highly recommend completing the story missions as they are the most reliable way to get a VTOL Jet.

You may experience a bug with the VTOL in Saints Row where when you aim, the reticle becomes more zoomed in than normal, which makes maneuverability and aiming difficult. All you need to do to fix this is restart the game.

How to do a barrel roll with a VTOL Jet in Saints Row

To complete the “Tax Payer Dollars” challenge in Saints Row, you need to perform 50 barrel rolls with a VTOL Jet in addition to killing enemies and destroying vehicles. While the latter two are fairly easy to do, the former can be quite difficult.

To do a barrel roll with the VTOL Jet in Saints Row, you need to gain significant altitude, follow this by giving your Jet a boost using the circle button on PlayStation and the B button on Xbox. Now all you need to do is press the right bumper three times. (R1 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox)

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