Saints Row Discoveries: Drug Pallet Locations

This guide will help you locate all of the Drug Pallet discovery activity locations in Saints Row for you to complete them effortlessly.

Drug Pallets are a discovery activity you can complete in Saints Row to gain additional rewards. Apart from the main and side quests in Saints Row, Discoveries are special activities designed for players through which they can earn additional XP, and achievements.

There are a total of 9 types of discoveries in the game scattered throughout the game world. These discoveries can easily be unlocked by simply passing from the location of that discovery and the icon will automatically pop up.

As you progress through the Saints Row Reboot, gradually you will be able to unlock all of them.

Furthermore, to 100% of each district in the game, you need to complete all the discoveries too along with the main and side quests. So, it is better to leave them for the end.

Once you are done with the main quests and have unlocked all the discoveries, go through them one by one. This way you will not lose track of discoveries and you can easily complete all of them.

All Saints Row Drug Pallet Locations

Drug Pallets Pickup is one of the 9 types of discoveries found in Saints Row Reboot that are scattered throughout the game. These pallets are relatively easy to find.

Just open up your mobile and head towards the icon that has pills on it. They are everywhere and you will find more than 3 in each district.

Read on through the following guide which provides details on locations of Weather Stations in Saints Row Reboot.

These can be found in several districts of each territory as listed below.

Saints Row Discoveries: Drug Pallet Locations

Idols Territory

Monte Vista

This district has a total of 9 drug pallets. To find them simply follow the marker location on the map. These pallets might be hidden in some bushes too so just look around the location a bit and you will eventually be able to find them.

Marina West

There are a total of 6 pallets in this district. The first three are located on top of the buildings once you reach the location. Others are under the bridge along the river flowing through the district.

Marina East

Similarly, the Marina East district also has 3 pallets. Climb up the stairs to the roof of the building to locate them.

Old Town West

Three pallets can be found at top of the warehouse.

Old Town East

Lastly, you will be able to find 6 on the east side of the Old town district.

Los Panteros Territory

West Providencia

This district has 10 drug pallet pickups. Simply look on top of the building or old houses if you cannot find them easily.


Similarly, 9 pallets can be found in the Mercado District. The first and second batch are on rooftops of the buildings and the third batch is found near an old building with paintings on it.

Smelterville West

This district has 3 pallets. Ne is on the rooftop of a building, the second is behind some concrete pipes and the third is on top of a container of green color.

Smelterville East

Here you will have to find 7 pallets in total. The first 4 will be inside the powerplant and the other 3 on rooftops.

Marshall Territory

Lakeshore North

This district contains 6 pallets. The First 3 are on rooftops and the other three will be on the ground near the dumpsters in the alleys

Lakeshore South

You will be able to find only 3 pallets here along the river flowing through the district.

El Dorado

10 Pallets are found here. The first and second batch are on rooftops and the third batch will be found by the edge of the cliff and the river.

West Flats

6 Pallets are found here on top of the buildings.

East Flats

Only 3 pallets are found here on top of the buildings.

Kavanagh Country Territory

 Rojas Desert North

A total of 12 Drug pallets are located here. The first batch is found near railway tracks under the billboard. The second batch is under the wooden bridge inside the bushes. The third batch is by the river and the fourth batch is found under the bridge.

Rojas Desert South

The first and second batch is found by the edge of the cliff and by the road. For the third batch wander around the water wheel following the markers to find them which contributes to a total of 9 pallets in this district.

Badlands North

10 Pallets can be found b simply searching the cliffs and hills and on rooftops of old houses near the locations on the map.

Badlands South

The first four are found under railway tracks. The next three are located around the structure of crashed airplane and the last three are found in an open area near the machine.

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