Ryzen 3 2300X benchmarks Leaked, Scores beat 1800X

Ryzen 3 2300X benchmarks have been leaked and the scores look great. Take it for a grain of salt but these scores easily top Ryzen 1800X CPUs.

There has a been rumors about the 2000 series of Ryzen processors under works and recently there was a video leak, that showed for Ryzen 3 2300X benchmarks in Cine Bench and CPUZ bench scores. Although there has been a lot of criticism in a response who knows it can also be true.

AMD did mention at SIGGRAPH 2017 that Ryzen ThreadRipper is just the beginning of a new foundation and it will only get better every year. Therefore the benchmarks from this leaked processor are off the charts.

ryzen 2 cinebench

The CPU-Z scores of 680 on single thread and 2585 on multi-thread and Cinebench scores of 236 single threaded and 855 multi are easily dominating the 1800X scores of 167 in single thread, on both the benchmark software. All of that on Ryzen 3 2300X @ 4 GHz.

But considering this can be fake since Intel’s 7700K does 230+ on single thread on 5 GHz plus overclocking. We can say that it might not be entirely true but given the rumors, this might be a Pinnacle Ridge or a Summit Ridge refresh and even that would need a 5 GHz plus overclocking to achieve such scores.

But there are arguments in favor of Ryzen 3 2300X well saying that the 41% gains over the 1800X show that this might be the product people would love to buy and some will even wait for the Ryzen 3 line of CPUs and APUs. Technically named as ‘Zen 2’ for product architecture.


People on reddit are also arguing that Ryzen 3 2300X scores are also possible with 8350K @ 5.2 GHz with RAM tweaks and these are not impossible results. If the leak is true. It might wait for 2018 to come and upgrade accordingly.

Take it with a grain of salt but Ryzen 3 2300X scores sure look awesome!

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