Ryse Son of Rome and Other 18+ Games Are Being Recommended to Children

There seems to be something wrong with Target and its listings of some 18+ games. It looks like Target is...

There seems to be something wrong with Target and its listings of some 18+ games. It looks like Target is recommending games like Watch Dogs and Ryse Son of Rome to children without even knowing it.

There listings show that these games are suitable to anyone above the age of 3. So basically they are available to children. It isn’t a major issue but it is worth pointing out. We don’t think Target Australia is doing this on purpose because this is obviously a simple blunder that needs to be fixed.

Here are Ryse Son of Rome and Watch Dogs ratings from Aussie Classification Board:

Ryse Son of Rome

Battles are highlighted by slow-motion and blood-splatter effects; enemies are frequently impaled, decapitated, and dismembered. Some environments depict bloody limbs and dismembered corpses on spikes. Cutscenes also depict intense acts of violence: caged soldiers burned alive; a character repeatedly stabbed with a knife. During the course of the game, female characters are sometimes depicted topless (e.g., pasties over breasts; covered in body paint).

Watch Dogs

Combat is highlighted by cries of pain, blood-splatter effects, and realistic gunfire. The game includes several depictions of topless female characters. One prolonged scene depicts a topless women standing in a bedroom; another sequence depicts close-ups of topless women sitting down. The game also includes a few instances of sexual activity, including an obscured depiction of masturbation; a woman performing fellatio on a man; and a man thrusting against a woman from behind—camera angles obscure the sex act and no nudity is shown.

Clearly these games aren’t suitable for children and someone messed up the listing or there was some kind of a bug. Now that the issue is raised and the problem is pointed out, we hope Target Australia fixes this error ASAP.

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