Rumor: Sony Worried About Project Scorpio, Wants to Increase PlayStation 4 Neo Specs

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio that is mid-cycle upgrade to Xbox One. Sony is worried about its power and wants to rethink PS4 Neo.

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio that is a mid-cycle upgrade to Xbox One. The new console comes with native 4K support which means major hardware components are added to the mix. Meanwhile, we hear that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo only upscales full HD games to 4K.

This worries Sony, apparently, so the company is looking for ways to increase the power of PlayStation 4 Neo. Long time gamers will know that Sony always had the most powerful console at launch each generation. From PS2 to PS4, Sony has always been in the lead. However, that may change when Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo come face to face.

By now, hardware specs are finalized as we so close to the final announcement and release. At this point, if Sony is facing such an issue and is worried about being under powered compared to Scorpio, all it can do is figure out ways to get more out of its existing hardware specs.

Rumor has it that PlayStation 4 Neo devkits will start rolling out on September 7. On the same day, Sony will host an event in New York to reveal the new machine. All of this is rumor and speculation and nothing has been made official by Sony.

Project Scorpio is coming our way in Fall 2017 and although Sony is expected to bring the console next year as well, rumors are really pouring in regarding its arrival this year.

We’ll have to wait and see how this goes. We will surely know more in the coming months.

How do you feel about PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio? In favor of mid-cycle upgrades?

Source: Periscope

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