Nintendo Switch Lite To Arrive This Fall, Switch Pro Still in Experimental Phase?

Nintendo’s rumored less expensive (Lite) version of Switch will release this fall, according to Japanese publication Nikkei. As reported before, this mini version of Switch will come in a smaller size for portable use but still can be docked and hooked to a TV. This contradicts the previous rumors that it will drop the TV features of the original system to reduce its selling price.

Nikkei also reaffirms the rumors of an upgraded and more powerful model called Nintendo Switch Pro. The report reads that Switch Pro is currently in the development phase and still being experimented. It’s going to be a next-generation model and will replace the current version of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Here’s the updated translation of the report shared by USGamer:

Beyond the smaller, budget-focused model lies the development of the overhauled next-generation model intended to replace the one currently available. Nintendo is believed to be experimenting on a number of different things for the device, including usability, improved image rendering, and changes to the operating system, among other things. One development source contends, however, that it still remains unclear at this stage who at the company will end up taking the lead on conceptual development for the new console.

It looks like the overhauled version of Nintendo Switch is not going to arrive this year. This isn’t the first leak as Wall Street Journal in March also claimed that Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch Pro are coming out this year.

The report mentioned that the cheaper version of Switch will be a handheld only and support “kid proof” design. As for Switch-Pro, it’s said to come with increased storage capacity and small bump in other specs.

In related news, Japanese publication also reports that Nintendo is out of the quality of life health business as its “QoL department” has been shut down. This also includes the cancellation of a sleep monitoring/tracking device which was reportedly near its completion.

We can expect Nintendo to reveal its upcoming new models of Nintendo Switch at E3 2019 in June at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, United States.

The latest released Switch update is also hinting that the company is preparing to release a new system soon as it adds the ability to transfer individual game save data files from one system to another. In the end, do note that there’s nothing official yet by Nintendo so take it all with a grain of salt.


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