Rockstar Games Insider Teases GTA 6 “Plans”

Rockstar Games has some GTA 6 "plans" that an insider has gotten hold of. He will be sharing them very soon with the public.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will remain as an open secret until Rockstar Games steps forward to make an official announcement. The prolonged radio silence from the developer is perhaps the very reason that fans continue to grasp at rumors about GTA 6 even if they appear to be likely fake.

Earlier today, Rockstar Games insider Chris Liberty claimed that he has managed to “learn new things” about “plans” the developer has in motion. He also teased that he will be talking about those said plans fairly soon.

Provided that Liberty was not making claims about another re-release or some content update of either GTA 5 or the franchise itself, he was most probably hinting news about GTA 6. Fans would be hoping to at least get a release window out of this but the whole teasing appears to not be related.

Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke who voiced Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa respectively have both urged fans to be patient and to not fall for alleged insiders or rumors. They have also asked fans to not blame Rockstar Games for the silent treatment. If GTA 6 was to be released in a half-baked state right now, the same fans would be expressing disappointment. The voice actors haven, hence, called out everyone to place their faith in Rockstar Games and wait a little while longer for what will be a stunning next-generation Grand Theft Auto experience.

Rockstar Games is not a developer known for doing reveals until the product has neared finishing. That is something fans need to be aware of. Despite rumors about a PC release, Rockstar Games kept talking about the console versions of GTA 5 until the PC version was eventually confirmed.

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