Rocket League Halloween Update Will Release On October 14

Psyonix announced that the Rocket League Halloween update will arrive on October 14 and will mean the start of the new edition of Haunted Hollows.

The final stretch of the year is approaching, and that means that many games will seek to close it in the best way. One of them is Rocket League and soon there will be an update that will introduce the improvements in the quality of life in which Psyonix worked for a large part of the year, in addition to serving the Halloween celebration.

To start, Psyonix announced that the Rocket League update will arrive on October 14 and will mean the start of the new edition of Haunted Hollows, the Halloween-focused event that adorns the game with horror themes and this time it seems that it will exceed the expectations of fans.

If you want to know more details about this celebration, then you should be aware, as the developer said they will reveal the details later this week.

Although the previous novelty will attract the attention of many players, many others will appreciate the new Rocket League updates focused on improving the quality of life. One of the most important is the Party Up function, which, as you can imagine, will make it easier to continue playing with members of your team after a game.

If you wish to continue playing with a user at the end of a game, simply select that button.

Another addition will be the Colored Boost Meter, which will let you know at the beginning of the game what is the color of the equipment to which you belong. Specifically, the element that will change this meter is the background, which will be painted blue or orange, depending on your device.

If you always complain about the time it takes to join a new game, then this is good news, since the Quickplay button will allow you to start the next game with the settings you selected.

The new update will also receive a renewed news section, where you will find featured events, DLC, and more announcements. You can later access it through the news tab on the right of the screen.

Finally, the 2 Esports Complexity and Spacestation Gaming teams will be available in the eshop store.

Much has been said in the past about the possibility of Esports being part of competitions such as the Olympic Games. While it is actually still missing from the main Olympics event, we can soon have a taste of how it would be.

The International Olympic Committee allied with tech giants Intel to prepare Rocket League and Street Fighter V tournaments. These are competitions that will take place before the initial Tokyo 2020 Olympics event.

According to information from the Esports Observer, this competition will be called the Intel World Open and will be tournaments made in collaboration with Psyonix and Capcom, responsible for Rocket League and Street Fighter V, respectively.

They will hold both of these tournaments from July 22 to July 24, 2020 at the Zepp DiverCity, a venue located in Tokyo, Japan. Each of them will offer a great prize pool for $250,000.

I remind you that Rocket League is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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