River Plate Will Be Exclusive to PES 2020, Renamed As Núñez FC in FIFA 20

Argentince Club Atlético River Plate will be now available exclusively in PES 2020. As a result, River Plate will be now called Nunez FC in FIFA 20.

PES 2020 continues to gain exclusivity to more teams. The latest team to join Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is Club Atlético River Plate, commonly known as River Plate. River Plate is an Argentine professional sports club.

River Plate has now given its name, shield, uniform and stadium rights to PES 2020. As a result, River Plate will be now called Nunez FC in FIFA 20. In addition to this, Konami has also acquired exclusive rights to Atlético Boca Juniors, another Argentina professional sports club. With that known, EA Sports FIFA 20 players will now play Superclásico between Núñez FC vs. Buenos Aires FC instead of River Plate vs Atlético Boca Juniors.

Unfortunately, FIFA 20 players will not be able to create custom shirts of River Plate and Atlético Boca because there’s no editor mode in the game.

In short, if you are a fan of River Plate and Atlético Bocathen you should buy PES 2020 this year. However, the good news is that original players from both River Plate and Atlético Boca will be available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

With all that said, EA Sports continues to disappoint FIFA series fans. Last month, EA Sports lost Juventus (Italian Football Club) to Pro Evolution Soccer 20. Like River and Boca, Cristiano Ronald’s team will be called Piedmont Calcio due to the exclusivity with PES and Konami.

As expected, FIFA fans are not happy and are criticizing PES 20. To address the criticism, brand manager Adam Bhatti of PES sent out a statement recently. Bhatti admitted that claiming exclusive license is bad for consumers but unfortunately, it is something Konami has always dealt with.

I understand those who complain that exclusives are bad for users. I would like to live in a world where everything is shared and it is only the quality of the game that speaks. However, we have always had to deal with this type of situation. For example, having the Premier League in PES 2020 would have been fantastic. The big teams, however, want to feel part of a real partnership, not that their name is bought just to take something away from the competition.

In short, PES will continue to snatch more licenses as FIFA did in the past. However, I think that the exclusivity of the aforementioned teams should not be a huge problem for casual players of the game and especially for Ultimate Team players.

FIFA 20 release date is set for September 27, 2019, on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. On the other hand, PES 2020 will release on September 10, 2019.

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