Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Challenges Guide With Challenge items Locations

Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Challenges guide to find all Laptops, Posters, Flags, Bull's Eye, Rabbits, Diving Location, Targets, Tanks, Statues, Bells and Banners.

Besides the main story there is lots to do in Rise of the Tomb Raider. For instance, we have challenges spread across different areas of the game.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Challenges

From The Prophet’s Tomb to the The Lost City, every challenge and its solution can be found below.

The Prophet’s Tomb Challenges


In the area around the Syrian Tomb Base Camp, you will notice seven incense burners on the ceiling. Use the Survival Instinct if you are having a hard time finding them.

Use the a ranged weapon to shoot the urns and destroy them.

Siberian Wilderness Challenges


There is nothing special or tough about this challenge. Just kill and loot three Trinity Soldiers around you to complete it.

Soviet Installation Challenges

All over the northern tip of the Soviet Installation map (the Gulag area), there are laptops that you need to destroy. Use an axe or any weapon you like to.
The good news is that they show on Survival Instincts, so that will help you finding them all.

Laptop #1
The first building to the west of the camp has a laptop.

Laptop #2
Look for an ope shack northwest of the camp to find a laptop, sitting on some cargo crates.

Laptop #3
Find the computer room in the northwest, go to the upper floor to find a laptop.

Laptop #4
The yard where you escape the Gulag for the first time has s laptop resting on a crate to the southeast.

Laptop #5
Another laptop is nearby on a different crate.

Laptop #6
The third one is also in the yard where you escape the Gulag, on a table with some communication equipment on it.

Laptop #7,8
In the same yard, you can find two laptops in the command trailer.

Laptop #9
Open the gate from the trailer and look towards the southern portion of the yard. A laptop is sitting on top of a cargo crate.

Laptop #10
Access the damaged building with a large hole in the floor after the courtyard battle. You will find the laptop inside.

Difference of Opinion

You will need to burn down seven posters in the area. Best way to take them down is fire arrow, meanwhile, the best way to spot them is Survival Instinct.

Poster #1
There is a large building in the copper mill on the west side that has a poster inside. You need to go through a Rope Coil and slide down it.

Poster #2
Pass the room where to acquire the Molotov creation skill and go outside, shoot a burnable barricade on a ledge above. Reach that location after it’s burned and you will find a poster.

Poster #3
You need to climb over the train car and use it to get over the fence. Now, pull down some board to break into a room. You will see a poster inside.

Poster #4
The top most section of the mill has a poster on an inside ledge.

Poster #5
Inside the top section of the mill, use the rope arrow to pull down a set of boards overhead. Use your grappling hook to locate a slide leading to the lower level that has a poster.

Poster #6
You pass a set of optional ledges toward the upper end of the building. Look above to find a poster.

Poster #7
On the upper level of the building, there is a breakable wall and a ramp down. Look outside on a balcony with box of Salvage. Use the Survival Instincts to locate a poster above you.

Into Darkness

You need to cut down seven Soviet Flags in the area and all of them are in the central portion.

Flag #1
To the south of the communications tower, there is water tower with a flag on it.

Flag #2
There is staircase to the southwest of the communications tower, go up to hills and you will come across a flag.

Flag #3
The third flag is outside the supply shack, it’s easy to locate.

Flag #4
Reach the upper level of the lumber mill and you will find the flag by looking at corner of the platform.

Flag #5
To the north of Copper Mill Yard, look for a junction in the paths. You will find a flag on small hill.

Flag #6
You can see s flag over the base camp beside Copper Mill Yard.

Flag #7
To the south of the logging camp, a flag is close to the edge of the cliff.

Geothermal Valley Challenges

Bull’s Eye

This challenge will test your aiming skills as you shoot bull’s eyes around the map with an arrow. There are 8 in total.

Bull’s Eye #1
Look for a well in town to the Northeast from Valley Farmstead. Reach the well and look east, the target is above you.

Bull’s Eye #2
Get on top of a large building in the north and look south. Bull’s Eye can be seen hanging above on a tree.

Bull’s Eye #3
There is a small tower to east of the same building Lara is on, the target is on it.

Bull’s Eye #4
To the west of Farmstead and approach a base camp, turn around and move toward west. Look for the target near the archway.

Bull’s Eye #5
Move on the path on the southwest from the Ridgeline base camp. Move down the mountain and you’ll come across a dead tree, the target is suspended from it.

Bull’s Eye #6
Northern bridge that leads away from the town has the target underneath.

Bull’s Eye #7
Use the bridge on the left to leave the Valley Farmstead. There is an overhand at the end of the path, look at the ledge on the other side.

Bull’s Eye #8
To the north, outside of town, reach a damaged section trees located at the other side of the river. Look up to find the target.

Fowl Play

You need to catch 5 chickens in or close to town. Use Survival Instincts and keep your ears open to find them all. They wander around so there is not one location to find them.

Hung Out to Dry

Search for snared Rabbits in the Geothermal Valley.

Rabbit #1
Move towards northeast of Farmstead and look for a rabbit hanging at the edge of town near the river,

Rabbit #2
Leave Valley Farmstead and go to northwest from town. You can see a Rabbit is hung at a tiny lean-to.

Rabbit #3
To the far southeast of Valley Farmstead, you will notice a bridge leading to a Remnant outpost. You’ll see a rabbit hung on the northwestern side of that bridge.

Rabbit #4
Southwest of Valley Farmstead, reach the coast locate a raised building overlooking the big cat hunting area. Climb up to it and find the rabbit hung from a tree nearby.

Rabbit #5
Go to the east of Valley Farmstead to find a large platform down the valley. A rabbit is hung on it to the north.

Rabbit #6
There is another rabbit close to the last one. Just move northwest and keep your eyes open.

High Diving

There are four locations Lara can dive from.

Location #1
Complete the second tower in “Dangerous Territory.” This will create a space for you to dive off of.

Location #2
Find a tower to the south of Ridgeline base camp, above the fall.

Location #3
There is a tomb entrance to the northeast of Ruins Encampment. There is diving spot on a wooden platform outside.

Location #4
Go to the island where you light the single fire, across the Rope Coil there is diving board.

Tossing Gourds

Go to the eastern Remnant Town to make five good throws with Gourds.

Target #1
To the south of Cathedral Courtyard and find a patch of Gourds on the western edge of town. You will see a barricade to the west, search for an open barrel which is your target.

Target #2
South from the last patch you will find another barrel.

Target #3
Go north from the first two barrels and look over the trees, barricade. Use Survival Instinct for help with locating the target.

Target #4
Go south from the village and bring a Gourd with you. Go around the building until you see the target in front.

Target #5
There is a ledge above the Gourd patch. Use the map and Survival Instincts to locate this one.

The Acropolis Challenges

Cut Short

There are some walkie talkies hidden around the map. Find them all to complete this challenge. They can be easily spotted using Survival Instincts.

Location #1
To the west of the Remnant Bazaar, before you leave the first half of the area, look to the right side of the path.

Location #2,3
To the south of the bazaar, enter the lower portion and look to left and right of the central area. There are two devices to be found here.

Location #4
Search the southern wall of the Bazaar.

Location #5
When you are halfway down the Riverside Landing and Tower Courtyard, look to the left

Location #6
Look near the tower courtyard, a walkie talkie is hiding in a corner of the Base Camp.

Research Base Challenges

Scorched Earth

You have to destroy four fuel tanks in the area to complete this challenge.

Tank #1
To the southwest of the Weather Station, look for a truck at the end of the first large area. Shoot the barrels to destroy the tank.

Tank #2
There is another truck nearby.

Tank #3
To the Northeast of the station, a truck in parked on the eastern edge of the area. Look near the helipad.

Tank #4
This one is in the final sequence, when Lara climbs back on solid ground, the tank in the backyard to the prison building.

The Lost City Challenges


Your goal is to destroy 8 headless statues around the city. Use a shotgun or explosive to destroy them quicker.

Statue #1
You will find the first statue to the west of Citadel Plaza Base Camp.

Statue #2
Go south from the Citadel Plaza via the ruined gate. You will see stairs leading down to the ground level. The
statue is halfway down the stairs.

Statue #3
Move along the stairs to find another one to the right.

Statue #4
When zip lines into the city, look for a statue on a small raised platform.

Statue #5
Go stand on the rooftops above Citadel Plaza and look for statue on a building. Destroy it with a rifle.

Statue #6
Move toward northeast from Citadel Plaza Base Camp and find another statue.

Statue #7
Lara runs across the rooftops when leaving the third trebuchet, there is a statue to her right.

Statue #8
There are rooftops closer to the main gate, get on top of them. Look at the balcony above to find the statue.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

There are five bells around the lower city you need to cut with a combat knife.

Bell #1
Take a couple of zip lines into the lower city. There is a building at the end of the second zip line and you can find a bell on the upper floor.

Bell #2
In the northern part of lower city, you have to find a tall tower. Find a bell on top of it.

Bell #3
Near the southern trebuchet you need to destroy a metal barricade. Bell is inside.

Bell #4
Reach the rooftops in the center of the lower city. The bell is on top of a building.

Bell #5
There is a building north of the initial zip lines, the bell is on the upper floor.

Banner Wars

There are eight banner around the city, find them all and burn them with Fire Arrow from afar.

Banner #1
You can find a banner on the northern wall of a building on the eastern side of the lower city.

Banner #2
Near the southern trebuchet, look to the ground below. A banner can be seen handing from a wall.

Banner #3
This is near the previous one, walk north to search the southern facing of a building to find it.

Banner #4
Along the western edge of the city, reach the rooftops. North side of the upper floor is where the banner is.

Banner #5
Reach the middle of the city and look at the western face of the building there, keeping looking until to find the banner.

Banner #6
Go west from the last one to find another banner.

Banner #7
There are stairs near the northern gate, go the base of it and look at the bottom of the walls.

Banner #8
The last banner is near the western wall of the lower city. Reach the piers on a small pool of water and at the walls nearby.

Burn Baby Burn

You will have to light 5 single fires to complete this challenge. They are wooden structures located on top of some buildings. You can use the trebuchet to light 4 of them but one is out of range, use a fire arrow of that one,

Signal Fire #1
It is left of the main gate.

Signal fire #2
There is another one to the right of the gate.

Signal Fire #3
Go all the way to the right and find another one.

Signal Fire #4
Go all the way to the west to find another one.

Signal Fire #5
Go to the third trebuchet and find the last one.

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