Riot Games Korea Announces “LoL Park” Esports Stadium for 2019

Following a report from last week, Riot Games Korea has officially announced plans for the building of its first-ever esports stadium in the region.

In a press conference (via InvenGlobal) held yesterday, president Lee Seung-Hyun and esports director Oh Sang-Hun stated that “LoL Park” will be completed late next year in time for the 2019 competitive season.

The tentatively named studio will be built on the third floor of Gran Seoul, located near Jong-Gak Station, and cover about 56,900 square feet in area that should hold around 400-450 fans at once.

The company pointed out that the arena-shaped design will place the professional players right in the center of the building. They will be surrounded by varying leveled sitting areas from where fans will be able to enjoy the action without any obstacles or blockages. There will also be three large high-definition screens atop the stage for viewing.

Riot Games Korea further revealed that it plans to build locker rooms for the players and a tunnel for them to enter/exit the venue. In addition, a PC Bang (internet cafe) will be present inside for the fans to enjoy. While the arena itself will be exclusive to League of Legends, the PC Bang will feature other games.

The existence of a first-party studio in the country means that Riot Games Korea will be taking over the production of the League Champions Korea (LCK) when it is finally time. These duties were previously undertaken by third-party sources such as OGN and SPOTV.


Riot Games Korea has invested close to ₩30 billion ($28 million) in the past six years. This is split at a ratio of 4:3:1 between production, the professional and amateur scenes.

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