New Returnal Update Pins Hopes For DLC And Save Options

Returnal appears to be receiving a sizable update which naturally has players keeping their fingers crossed for new post-release content and a save feature.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, PlayStation Game Size confirmed that Returnal has received a new update for its internal developer-only beta version. There is no way to know at present as to what the update actually contains but the update notably weighs in at around 6GB.

The sheer size suggests that Returnal will be receiving more than just stability improvements. There hence stands a possibility that developer Housemarque is rolling out brand new content and features.

Take note that Housemarque has always stated that there are no plans for post-release content support. However, seeing the acclaim the game received at its release, the developer was hoped to perhaps reconsider its earlier stance.

There have also been numerous requests by players to have additional save options. Returnal is not for the faint hearted. Its challenging rogue-like gameplay has a difficulty curve and with a storyline stretching for around 50 hours, players have to become familiar with death at every nook and cranny.

Housemarque has incidentally assured that it is continuously listening to player-feedback. Could the developer finally be adding more save options to make hours-long runs easier in Returnal after months of release? The notion will definitely bring a smile on many players who are finding it difficult to clear specific runs in a single sitting, but there are still players out there who prefer the said difficulty ceiling and would not be too happy to know that the game is being made easier for the masses.

Returnal is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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