Skyrim Restoration Leveling Guide: Glitches, Trainers, and Skill Books

There are different ways to level Restoration Fast in Skyrim depending on the damage source you choose.

Restoration is one of the five main magic Skills (Destruction, Illusion, Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration) in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Restoration Skill tree has perks that can reduce the magicka cost of Restoration Spells including the healing spells. So if you don’t want to rely on potions and are looking for a constant way of healing, Restoration Skill can be your answer. Other Spells like Tunr Undead and Magical Ward can also come in handy in different situations.

Leveling Restoration to 100 in Skyrim however, can be a hectic task if you are just relying on the obvious methods. Luckily, there are some methods players can use to level up restoration fast in Skyrim.

Quickest Way to Level Up Restoration in Skyrim

One thing to keep in mind is that Restoration Skill gains XP when healing is done. The healing doesn’t necessarily have to be on the player’s character; it can also be any NPC. One of the quickest methods (usually known as restoration glitch) to gain Restoration Skill XP is to use a healing spell along with Equilibrium, an Alteration Skill tree spell in Skyrim.

To get your hands on Equilibrium Spell in Skyrim, you will need to explore Labyrinthian, which only unlocks when you have started the “Staff of the Magnus” quest in the “College of Winterhold” questline. Here is the location of Labyrinthian in Skyrim:

lybarinthium location

To make this method work, walk to any area outside the cities. Have the healing spell enabled in one hand and the Equilibrium spell in the other, and start holding down both attack buttons. As the Equilibrium spell uses your health bar to replenish your magicka, the healing spell will restore your health using Magicka, so you are entering a loop of healing yourself. In doing so, you can gain XP for Restoration. If this Restoration leveling glitch is too slow, you can try some other methods.

Other Methods for Leveling Restoration in Skyrim

Just like any other skill in Skyrim, players can easily find Restoration Skill Trainers and Skill Books. Trainers in Skyrim can level up your skill to a certain level, depending on the trainer’s rank. Adept trainers can help you reach level 50, Expert can take your skill up to 75 while Master trainers can help players reach level 90 of that skill. One thing to remember is that players can only level up 5 times on a certain skill with a trainer for every character level. And the training comes at a cost of gold. The Trainers for Restoration are:

  • Aphia Velothi (Adept, Raven Rock)
  • Keeper Carcetter (Expert, Dawnstar)
  • Colette Marence (Expert, college of Winterhold)
  • Danica Pure-Spring (Master, Whiterun)
  • Florentius Baenius (Master, Dawnguard)

Skills Books can help reach a level above your current skill level at the time instantly. A total of 5 books are included in Skyrim for all the skills, having multiple copies. Once a copy of the book is read, a similar title becomes useless. These books can only help you go up to 5 levels of your current skill level but the effect is instant so it is wise to use them when you are at a higher level of your skill. The books of Restoration Skill are:

  • 2920, Rain’s Hand, v4
  • Mystery of Talara, v2
  • Racial Phylogeny
  • The Exodus
  • Withershins

Apart from books and trainers, there is another method that players adopt to help them reach the upper levels of Restoration quickly. For this method, players make their way to the Throat of the World, which is always covered with winds that deal continuous damage. The Way of the Voice quest will lead you there anyway.

skyrim throat of the world location

Players equip healing spells on both hands and stand in the itching wind. As the wind starts to deal damage, you hold down your attack buttons, utilizing your healing spells and ultimately gaining exp for Restoration. This method is quite effective, but it drains Magicka, so be sure to have gear and enchantments enabled, which help in Magicka restoration and lower the cost of Magicka for spells.

Basically, the science behind leveling Restoration is that you find a constant source of damage (a forge, a fire pipe, a giant, or anything else) and something to heal yourself constantly. Again, it’s not necessary that you heal yourself; you can also choose to heal an NPC if you wish. You can also couple Restoration Leveling with Destruction Leveling if you choose the Forge or Giant methods. If you are choosing a damage source other than Equilibrium Spell, you can also reduce the difficulty so that you can absorb more damage from the source.

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