Respawn Entertainment is Hiring for a Star Wars Game, Fallen Order 2?

Respawn Entertainment is hiring a new Sound Designer for its Star Wars team, could this be a sign of Fallen Order 2 being developed?

Respawn Entertainment recently posted a job listing on their LinkedIn page that was offering a sound designer position on the studio’s Star Wars team. This likely means that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 will be entering development soon, though it could also be another, different Star Wars game instead.

Considering the great success of Fallen Order (the first real success from EA since they were first given the exclusive development rights to Star Wars games) it’s not surprising that Respawn Entertainment now has a dedicated Star Wars team.

Even though the original Fallen Order only released in November of last year, EA has likely picked up on its great success and already wants Respawn to make a new one. However, even three months is way too soon to start making Fallen Order 2, so hopefully EA is letting a new idea settle in first.

Since Fallen Order wrapped up its plot fairly nicely and only ended on a nebulous “Where to now?”, there are a number of ways the story could go in the game, and it will take time for Respawn to be able to figure that game out without ruining the good thing they have going due to EA’s impatience.

As much as many people likely want a sequel to Fallen Order (even a lot of people at Respawn), the company has finally broken out into something that’s not Titanfall, and with all of that potential they could end up doing something new with Star Wars.

With the company’s roots being in first-person shooter games, they could very well make a Star Wars first-person shooter game, something that hasn’t been done since the Republic Commando game on the original Xbox. They could also set a new game starring Jedi in a new time period, like the Old Republic.

However, if Fallen Order 2 actually is in the pre-production stages currently, or even if it’s only a series of nebulous ideas for now, hopefully when it finally does come out, Respawn will be able to make it not only just as good, but better than the original game.

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